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Former DNI John Ratcliffe: The Chinese Interfered in the 2020 Election and Will Again in 2024

Former DNI John Ratcliffe says that there is evidence that China assisted Joe Biden in getting elected and Biden has been busy paying them back ever since taking office in order to secure their help again in 2024.

The Chinese firmly believe that Biden is the best president that money can buy. Ratcliffe claims that Iran, China, and Russia all wanted Biden to win because they could not buy off or control President Trump and he points out that they have all benefitted because of him.

Ratcliffe sat down on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo to discuss it.

Here is a transcript:

Maria Bartiromo: Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe was breaking news with me last month on FOX Business’s Mornings with Maria on China interfering in US elections. Now a new declassified report is out from the National Intelligence Council which confirms exactly what John Radcliffe told me there, revealing the extent of the CCP’s operation happening under President Biden’s watch. The report writes this, quote, “We assess that these directives gave PRC influence actors more freedom to operate ahead of the midterms than the presidential election in 2020, probably because PRC officials believe that Beijing was under less scrutiny during the midterms and because they did not expect the current administration to retaliate as severely as they feared they would in 2020.” Joining me right now with reaction is former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe…




4 Responses

  1. I think that many TRUE AMERICANS now know this!!!!! AND will be on the lookout for this in 2024!!!!!

    1. What does “looking out for this in 2024” mean? It was obvious the day after the 2020 election that nefarious things had happened on election night, yet NOTHING was done about it. The powers that be (election officials, federal law enforcement, the FEC, state legislatures, the House of Representatives, the VP, judges, Big Tech, the MSM etc….) still rammed an illegitimate election down our throats, and we got Biden. What happens if we “see” things in November 2024?

  2. Sooo cute!

    Ratface acknowledging past CCP actions assisted by the Deep State that will do so again in 2024!

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