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Former Georgia GOP Chair David Shafer Turns Self In at Fulton County Jail

David Shafer, a former Georgia state senator and chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, recently took to Twitter to criticize District Attorney Fani Willis after he turned himself in at Fulton County jail.

Ms. Willis had previously brought charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act against President Trump and eighteen others for challenging the 2020 election results.

This decision has been met with criticism from conservatives across the country.

A Fulton County grand jury has returned a 41-count indictment against Donald Trump, with counts of RICO and conspiracy included. David Shafer is accused of various crimes, including RICO (Count 1), Impersonating a Public Officer (Count 8), Forgery in the First Degree (Counts 10, 16, and 40), False Statements and Writings (Counts 12, 14, 18, and 40) and Criminal Attempt to Commit Filing False Documents (Count 14).

David Shafer was taken into custody on Tuesday after being charged for allegedly attempting to influence Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to launch a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election.

After surrendering to the Fulton County jail, Shafer was booked and processed according to authorities.

Shafer tweeted a photo of his mugshot on Wednesday.

“Good morning!” Shafer said proudly tweeting his mugshot.

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4 Responses

  1. At this point, it’s an honor to be processed. Though I’d prefer a candidate other than Trump, with Trump’s program, it may be that his excellent mug shot will be featured on posters at GOP victory headquarters on election night 2024. He’ll have been elected by the American people, three (yes three; 3; III) times in a row.

  2. Grand Jurys are illegal and should be eliminated by the US Congress. A bunch of easily swayed creeps are picked to listen to false or legitimate charges against defendants who are forbidden to defend themselves against those charges. Do you understand that a Grand Jury can consist of any biased people the District attorneys and prosecutors choose. Our US Constitution forbids any guilty verdict without due process. The constitution absolutely forbids declaring someone guilty without any way to defend against allegations. In other words, Grand Juries unlawfully declare guilt before any trial is started. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is thrown out the window. I am surprised the Supreme Court has not heard any law suits to abolish such 3rd world despotic concepts to our Constitution.

    1. None of our courts are constitutionally convened! They are all ruled under British Maritime Law, yet the Constitution specifies COMMON LAW! All of this illegal activity was established by the Act of 1871. This is why when you are charged, you have to prove your innocence rather than the prosecution having to prove your guilt, contrary to “You are innocent until proven guilty”.

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