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Former IRS Consultant Who Leaked Trump’s Taxes Sentenced to Prison

The IRS contractor who stole and leaked President Trump’s income taxes has been sentenced to prison.  Charles Littlejohn, 38, of Washington, D.C., stole tax return information associated with a high-ranking government official, presumably President Donald Trump has been sentenced to only five years in prison in the biggest theft and leak in IRS history.

Besides Trump, Littlejohn also stole the tax returns of rich Americans. He leaked Trump’s returns to the New York Times. The disclosure turned out to be a nothing burger.

Littlejohn reportedly stole IRS information on thousands of wealthy people. The stolen information was then disseminated to two news outlets (New York Times and ProPublica).

The DOJ previously said:

“In July and August 2020, Littlejohn separately stole tax return information for thousands of the nation’s wealthiest individuals. Littlejohn was again able to evade IRS detection. In November 2020, Littlejohn disclosed this tax return information to News Organization 2, which published over 50 articles using the stolen data. Littlejohn then obstructed the forthcoming investigation into his conduct by deleting and destroying evidence of his disclosures.”

The Biden DOJ asked US District Judge Ana C. Reyes, a Biden                             appointee, for a sentence of only sixty months despite the massive theft of confidential materials, his leaking of those  d ocu m e  nts, and obstruction of justice by deleting all of the evidence of his theft. Critics say he should have gotten sixty years and not months. The DOJ gave no reason why Littlejohn got such    sweetheart treatment, although I suspect it was because Trump was the victim.

NBC News reported:

                                                                               The former Internal Revenue Service contractor who leaked the tax records of former President Donald Trump to The New York Times as                                      well as the tax records of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to ProPublica was sentenced Monday to five years in prison.

Charles Littlejohn pleaded guilty in October, and prosecutors sought the statutory maximum of five years in federal prison, saying that he “abused his position by unlawfully disclosing thousands of Americans’ federal tax returns and other private financial information to multiple news organizations.” Prosecutors said that Littlejohn “weaponized his access to unmasked taxpayer data to further his own personal, political agenda, believing that he was above the law.”

Littlejohn was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ana C. Reyes at a hearing at the federal courthouse in Washington. He will also have to pay a $5,000 fine.

From The Gateway Pundit

The former IRS contractor who leaked Trump’s tax returns to the New York Times and ProPublica was sentenced to only 5 years in prison on Monday.

In September federal prosecutors charged a former IRS contractor who worked for the agency from 2018 to 2020 for unlawfully obtaining and disseminating the tax details of a high-ranking public official and numerous affluent Americans to media outlets.

According to court documents and an official press release from the Department of Justice, Charles Littlejohn, 38, of Washington, D.C., stole tax return information associated with a high-ranking government official, referred to as Public Official A  – now known as Donald Trump. He then disclosed this information to a news organization identified as News Organization 1 – now known as The New York Times.





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  1. The headline is EXACTLY right. Because…
    …for 3 years all we heard was that Trump colluded with Russia, when the truth was that Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democrat National Committee, a law firm, a former British spy, the FBI, and the DOJ all colluded to accuse Trump and make up the story, which was completely fabricated–and no one was arrested and no one went to jail
    …Hillary Clinton violated national security and broke numerous federal laws by conducting all State Department business through an unsecured personal email server, and when found out, destroyed the evidence that she was required by a court order to preserve–and no one was arrested and no one went to jail
    …the Biden campaign, current and former intelligence officials, and the FBI and DOJ colluded to lie to the American People claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian propaganda when they knew it was genuine, interfering in a national general election–and no one was arrested and no one went to jail

    I can fill pages with additional examples, but the point is the federal government is thoroughly corrupt and getting away with it in large part because they are thoroughly corrupt.

    1. right you are mate. Biden will also issue a pardon. He will not only be compensated, he will be promoted to head of the FBI. They aren’t corrupt enough. After that appointment, he will sue Trump for defamation. With the help of the completely corrupt judiciary, he will win even more than the last artist did. Once he is done as much screwing with innocent people via his FBI post, he will be appointed to the Supreme Court. Traitor RINOs who are in cahoots with the Demcommies will make sure he gets the post. We are all Screwed Mate!

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