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Former IRS Contractor Admits to Taking Job with Intent to Steal and Leak Trump’s Tax Returns, DOJ Reports

Charles Littlejohn, a former contractor for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), admitted that the reason he took the job at the IRS is so that he could steal President Trump’s tax returns and leak them to far left media sites.

The leak did occur and it went over like a lead balloon. There was nothing except a huge nothing burger. There are specific laws concerning the theft of tax returns and also for making them public.

But since his objective was to damage Trump he will probably be sentenced to six months in Aruba, all expenses paid.

However, what may hurt his chances for a suspended sentence could be derailed by the fact that he stole the tax returns of thousands of the richest people in the United States and some of them could very well be Democratic donors who could tie donations to the party and candidates if action isn’t taken. He stole returns that were fifteen years old.

Littlejohn didn’t stop at stealing the former President’s tax information. He is also accused of stealing IRS information on thousands of the nation’s wealthiest individuals, including tax returns and return information dating back more than 15 years.

This information was then sent to a second unnamed news organization, News Organization 2. The tax information belonged to President Trump. The tax information was featured by The New York Times and ProPublica.

President Trump’s tax documents were released to ProPublica allegedly using New York’s FOIA law. But there is a supremacy law that prevents states from overruling federal law. You cannot file a FOIA request that violates the law.

From The Gateway Pundit

ProPublica reviewed tax documents on 4 of Trump’s properties in New York and alleged discrepancies involving 40 Wall Street and the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The documents show Trump’s businesses in 2017 appeared more profitable to lenders and less profitable to the IRS and tax officials — this is standard operating procedure, but leftie ‘experts’ are claiming the inconsistencies are “versions of fraud.”

In October, Littlejohn pleaded guilty to leaking Trump’s tax returns.

“An IRS contractor, Charles Littlejohn, 38, of Washington, D.C., pleaded guilty today to disclosing tax return information without authorization.” the DOJ said in a press release.

“By using his role as a government contractor to gain access to private tax information, steal that information, and disclose it publicly, Charles Littlejohn broke federal law and betrayed the public’s trust,” said Attorney General Merrick Garland. “In every case, the Department of Justice is committed to following the facts wherever they lead and holding accountable those who violate our laws.”

Prior to his role at the IRS, Littlejohn was employed intermittently from 2008 to 2013 at Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm. During his tenure there, he primarily worked on projects related to the IRS, positioning him to later infiltrate the agency with the intent of accessing Trump’s tax information.

Littlejohn worked as an IRS contractor from 2017 to 2021. In 2017, federal prosecutors allege that Littlejohn had a specific agenda: to obtain and reveal the tax returns of then-President Donald Trump, whom he viewed as “dangerous and a threat to democracy.”

Wall Street Journal reported:

In a 15-page court filing, federal prosecutors said Littlejohn applied to Booz Allen Hamilton in 2017 with the “intention of accessing and disclosing tax returns.”
After being hired, Littlejohn then “weaponized his access to unmasked taxpayer data to further his own personal, political agenda, believing that he was above the law,” prosecutors said.

“A free press and public engagement with the media are critical to any healthy democracy, but stealing and leaking private, personal tax information strips individuals of the legal protection of their most sensitive data,” they added.




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  1. Every sordid little detail of this A-holes life should be published in the Washington Post along with his home address, his phone number and all the details of every family member. If he thinks he has to right to exploit another person’s life, then why not his?

  2. Deranged little pi$$ant. As a Democrat though, he will probably be freed. We have laws, just not for Democrats. Until the Republicans take over the government this crap will continue.

  3. Would one believe this is “Louis Lerner” all over again? Louis Lerner (in 2012) used TaxPayer Returns to deliberately refuse, intimidate and decline registrations of countless thousand’s of 501(c)3 Republican applicants (NGO’s) Non Governmental Agencies registrations. This was discovered and widely disseminated across America. The uprising was widespread and NOT REPORTED BY ANY MAJOR NEWS ORGANIZATIONS IN THE USA AND INTERNATIONALLY(and still isn’t – try any website – crickets). In Phoenix, Arizona, we formed daily Patriots (now, MAGA)Groups to protest this unfolding injustice. Daily marches were conducted before the Presidential Elections. We Patriots even went before John McCain’s (and then RINO Sen. Jeff Flake’s)campaign headquarters on Camelback Street in downtown Phoenix, AZ. He and his Sen. Jeff Flake cohort (both of whom)actively fended for this IRS rampant abuse by IRS Agency (across these fruited plains). Reports say “McCain& Sen. Flake” supported “The Reagan Doctrine.’ So, how come (2021) “Arizona’s active McCain UNIPARTY” is anti MAGA and Trump’s (Reagan Doctrine)???HUH? Sounds like BLM & Antifa on seteroids. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

  4. He should be locked up for years and have to pay a heavy

    He should be locked up for years. And he also should be given a heavy fine. He is not worthy of living a free life. He is nothing but a tick-turd. What is wrong with these people? I know they are sick with TDS, but my goodness, to do something like this, he had to be mentally ill.

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