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Former Obama Advisor Jennifer Palmieri Says It’s ‘Too Late’ For Biden’s 2024 Campaign

Former Obama advisor Jennifer Palmieri says it could be too late for Joe Biden to win reelection as the polls are constantly favoring President Trump by ever-widening margins.

That is not to say that he can’t win, but the example she gave was weak at best. She claimed that Biden would lower interest rates and that would make people happy. I call BS. Interest rates will not lower your credit card bills.

Cars and homes are unaffordable for the masses because of the runaway inflation brought on by the massive spending bills that Biden and the Democrats foisted on us.

The rich and the well-to-do can afford to purchase either one or both, but it will do nothing for the poor and middle class.

Besides, as you and I are aware of the fact that the Federal Reserve raises rates to hurt Republicans and lower them to aid Democrats. Would they be raised again after the election to combat inflation?

Co-host Willie Geist asked Palmieri how she would feel:

“right now holding the hand that Joe Biden has, turning into an election year?”

Palmieri replied:

“I would think, it’s super scary. The fate of the Republic is hanging in the balance, and there are polls that have Donald Trump leading right now, but I would have faith that … To Eugene’s point on the economy, we know that the Federal Reserve is planning on lowering rates. We know that is something that can — that is — that is something that signals to actual consumers, real voters, things are different and things are improving.” 

“You hear that when you hear about people not liking Biden’s economic policies, if you dig underneath that, interest rates are a big part of that. I would feel good about making the economic argument. I would feel great about being able to make the argument against what the sort of threat that Trump represents. And we can use Ron DeSantis talking about Trump weaponizing government. We can use Chris Christie’s voice talking about the danger that Trump represents.”

“So it’s not just going to be Biden, but there is just this scary thing that overhangs everything about whether we’re just too divided. It’s just too late. There’s too many silos. How am I going to reach all of the voters I need to reach given all the media silos that there are? I mean, that is what I would be churning on every day is just sort of the mechanics of getting that message out.”

From The Daily Caller

Biden has continually slipped in the polls, losing double-digit support among young female voters who typically back Democrats by a large margin, a survey by J.L Partners/Daily Mail found. A New York Times/Siena College poll also found that majority of women, 18-to-29-year-olds, independents and Hispanics disapproved of Biden’s job performance. Biden is also behind in the polls when stacked against former President Donald Trump in several key swing states like ArizonaGeorgiaMichiganNevada and Pennsylvania.




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  1. “….The fate of the Republic is hanging in the balance….” Really? What part of ‘The Republic’ has already been rendered no better than a ‘Banana Republic’ under these Marxist/Communist/DemonRATS, do people FAIL to understand? “Obama gives up on Biden?” Wut? Who on the planet Earth still believes Joltin’ demented, corrupt, Joe Biden is IN CHARGE of more than toilet overflow watch? As John Stossel would say, “GIVE ME A BREAK.”

    1. No, you are right, the old fool is NOT in charge of ANYTHING, as it is, he’s failed at being a puppet.

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