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Gaza Hospital Chief Admits He is Hamas and That Terrorists Use the Hospital as a “Safe Place”

I am very anxious to see how the anti-Semitic press will spin this. They will have to bend the truth like a contortionist bends his or her body.

The head of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza has admitted that he is a member of Hamas and that his hospital is used by terrorists using the patients as human shields. The press has ignored all of the proof that Hamas uses hospitals as a base of operations and as a “Safe Place.”

On Tuesday, Israel Defense Forces released an interrogation video of Ahmad Kahlot, the chief of the hospital who was taken prisoner and detained by the IDF.

In the video, Kahlot admits what Israel has said all along. But, I am sure that The New York Times, WaPo, and CNN will claim he was tortured into a false confession. They will do this because they have taken the side of Hamas.

Kahlot was asked by an interrogator from Shin Bet how Hamas used the hospital.

Kahlot replied:

“Because for them the hospital is a safe place. They won’t be targeted when they are in the hospital.”

His remarks coincide with what Israeli and US intelligence already knew. Hamas uses the infrastructure in an effort to protect themselves, but it is the ordinary citizens who ultimately pay the price. There has been a lot of talk about Israeli war crimes but it is only their hatred of Jews that make them say that.

Let’s talk about war crimes for a moment. Hamas raided Israel and targeted civilians, which is against the Geneva Convention and thus is a war crime. They also took civilian prisoners. That is another war crime. And Kahlot’s confession points out that Hamas is actively using human shields. They also used a biological weapon in their attack on Israel. Both of those are also war crimes.

But, do not expect anyone to be tried for those crimes.

From The Blaze

The admission confirms what American intelligence already knows: Hamas uses civilian infrastructure to protect itself, thus endangering civilians because the rules of war dictate that civilian infrastructure may be targeted once it is used for military purposes. Palestinian civilians, then, are Hamas’ human shields who die because Hamas terrorists embed themselves in the civilian population.

Kahlot admitted that as many as 100 Hamas operatives operated out of his hospital, including at least 16 members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. They worked at the hospital as doctors, nurses, and clerks.

The hospital, Kahlot explained, was outfitted with areas to imprison hostages, offices for political leaders, and included space for “internal security and special security.” He said Hamas used private telephone lines for communication.

Moreover, Kahlot confirmed that Hamas uses ambulances for military purposes.

“They have a private ambulance, even its color and the way it’s painted are different, and it doesn’t have a license plate,” he explained. “They used it to transport the [hostages] and transport bodies. And they used it for other purposes that I don’t know about, but I saw it come and go without taking out anyone that was injured.”

In the end, Kahlot condemned Hamas operatives as “cowards” who hide in “secret places” while allowing civilians to “pay the price” for Hamas’ terrorism.



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