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Georgia Senate Ethics Committee Passes Bill to Remove Raffensperger from Board of Elections and Will Allow Them to Investigate Raffensperger

Fair and honest elections are coming to Georgia and the corrupt SoS Brad Raffensperger is powerless to stop it. That is because he will be removed from the  the Board of Elections. Not only that, the Board will now have the power to investigate Raffensperger for election law violations. One thing they need to make sure of is that Board can hire their own investigators, otherwise the investigators will come from Raffensperger’s office, hardly a neutral source.

The bill will be presented for a vote of the entire Senate and then onto the House. The equally corrupt Brian Kemp is powerless since the constitution puts the elections in the hands of state legislatures. The bill will pass easily in both houses of the state legislator.  Brian Kemp is powerless to save him because elections are the sole responsibilities of the state legislatures.

WUGA reported:

Georgia’s Secretary of State could find himself under investigation by the State Board of Elections under the terms of legislation proposed in the Georgia Senate.

Senate Bill 358 would give the Board of Elections the power to investigate both the Secretary of State and local elections officials, and how those officials conduct elections. It also gives the Board the power to hire its own investigators instead of relying on the Secretary of State’s office to conduct investigations.

Senator Max Burns, a Republican from Sylvania, chairs the Senate Ethics Committee. He is also a sponsor of the bill. He said that the bill was driven, at least in part, by a debate among Board of Elections members last year.

“Last year, in the December meeting of the state election board, there was some discussion about whether or not the board had responsibility and oversight of the Secretary of State and the Office of the Secretary of State and their elections division.,” Burns said. “They split on that 2-2.”

Burns told his colleagues on the Senate Ethics Committee that the legislation was requested by members of the Board of Elections.

“We received communication from a member of the election board and then the Chair of the state Election Board,” he said. “So the chair of of the state election board in a letter to the Honorable Jon Burns, Speaker of the House and the Honorable Burt Jones, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, requested that the legislation clarify the responsibility of the state election board and and its role in oversight.”

The bill would also remove the Secretary of State from the State Elections Board.

This is huge not only because Raffensperger will be gone, but because the Board can now declare they have no faith in the Dominion Machines and require pa0par ballots only. The Democrats like Raffensperger do not like that idea because it prevents them from using phantom ballots that can not be tracked or checked. The paper ballots must be retained for a period of time before they can be tossed.




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