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Google Co-Founder Larry Page Vanishes as Authorities Try to Subpoena Him in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

Google c0-founder Larry Page is wanted by the Virgin Islands to testify about Jeffrey Epstein, but it seems he is missing. Or at least at none of the four known addresses they have on him, which have now been described as bogus.

Via Daily Mail:

The US Virgin Islands is unable to subpoena Google co-founder Larry Page over potential ties to Jeffrey Epstein because he cannot be physically located, federal court filings reveal.

A motion filed by the attorney general for the US Virgin Islands said investigators tried to identify a physical address at which Page, 50, could be personally summoned to appear in a court.

After identifying four possible addresses, none of which were ‘valid’, prosecutors are requesting the federal government allow Page to be summoned via Alphabet, Google’s parent company, as he is still a member of its board.

There are two possible reasons that Page is in hiding or at least missing. Either he is afraid that the Epstein scandal could rub off on him or that someone else is worried about what he might have to say about them. We won’t know for sure why he is missing but as a co-founder of Google, I’m sure he has enough money to stay hidden for as long as he likes. Many of Epstein’s clients and friends are independently wealthy and could hide out forever if they have a mind to. The courts should just release all the information they have on who was associated with Epstein and what the nature of that relationship really is.

The Virgin Islands would like to talk to Page as they are su7ing Chase Bank because of their business arrangement with Epstein. The CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon says that his bank did not help Epstein sex traffic young girls.


CEO Jamie Dimon in an interview Thursday said he was “so sad” the bank had any business relationship with Jeffrey Epstein — but denied the firm is legally liable for the dead predator’s sex trafficking.

Dimon also said, in the televised interview with Bloomberg, that if JPMorgan had known everything that has become public in recent years about its former customer Epstein “we would have done things differently.”

From PJ Media

If anyone believes that a multinational banker like Jamie Dimon is psychologically capable of regret over facilitating immoral/illegal activities on behalf of his clientele, I have oceanfront property in Montana to sell you.

It’s not just Epstein; if there is a criminal enterprise with enough cash revenue to make it worthwhile, JPMorgan and peer-group banks jump at the chance to get involved.

“A cargo ship that was seized last month with nearly 20 tons of cocaine on board — with an estimated street value of $1.3 billion — belongs to JP Morgan Chase,” CBS News reported in 2019.

Epstein’s clients are dragging their feet, hoping to run out the clock. The longer they can drag this out, the better for them. As of right now, being associated with Epstein is pure poison. If only Joe or Hunter Biden had been involved, this whole story would have been buried by now.




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