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GOP’S Winsome Sears Takes On Trans, Drag Queens and Parenting In Epic Monologue

If I ever go off to war and I get to pick who will share my foxhole, a transgender woman or Winsome Sears, I’d take Winsome any day. He doesn’t just pay lip service with talking points, she fights for what she believes and she pulls no punches. She appeared on Bill Maher\s show and she destroyed the left’s narrative on trans, drag queens, and parenting.

From the video above:

“James Kirchick: If you’ve noticed, They are misgendering and dead naming the murderer. They are referring to the murderer by their given name and not their chosen name. And referring to her as a woman as opposed to what her identity was as a man. Which is not the way the media usually does these things. They are usually very particular about the subjective sense of gender identity and respecting that. If someone thinks they are a man then they are a man. But in this case they are not doing that.

Winsome Sears: Hang on you know what, This person murdered 6 people. I don’t really care who you say you are. You murdered six people and three of them were children. You don’t get a say. Well, she’s dead now so. You don’t get a say in telling us who you are and what you are about. You killed six people and that’s what really matters.

Bill Maher: Let’s take her out of this and talk about the issue without the murderer.

Winsome Sears: Well you brought it up so now we are onto something else. Here is the thing. I’m a parent, I’m a parent all day, I get to decide what happens in my child’s life. Not you, not the government, not anybody, I don’t co-parent. I had this child, I’m responsible for this child, and if anything happens to little johnny you’re calling me right? As you should. So, what I’m saying now is, if I don’t want my child given lap dances at school by a drag queen I don’t want it done, that’s happening.

James Kirchick: Do you think the state should have the right to interfere?

Winsome Sears: I’m talking about as a parent. I’m a parent, forget the state I’m a parent. This is my child, I will make a decision about what happens with my child.

Bill Maher: I’m not sure lapdances

Winsome Sears: It’s happening didn’t you see it?

Bill Maher: There is drag queen story hour, there are definitely drag queens reading to children

Winsome Sears: There are drag queens that are giving pole dances.

Bill Maher: In school?

Winsome Sears: Bill you gotta read more.

Bill Maher: I guess I do”





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  1. Wow! Winsome has more balls than all liberals combined. Being in a foxhole, trans and liberals would end up shooting the wrong people.

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