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Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners So Their Families Starve and They Lose Everything

Not only are the political prisoners in the DC gulag being punished, but now Joe Biden, the leader of the Biden crime family, but now they are going after their spouses and children. People have donated money to political prisoners and now the Biden administration wants it all. Every single penny. The sad part is that the cowardly Republican party will be fine in allowing it to happen, which is why the Republicans struggle in elections.

According to our previous reporting:
** Over 90% of the J6 defendants are low to middle class and cannot afford private attorneys
** At least 80% of the FBI arrests were of protesters who were waved in the US Capitol on January 6 and committed no violence.

Via the AP.

Less than two months after he pleaded guilty to storming the U.S. Capitol, Texas resident Daniel Goodwyn appeared on Tucker Carlson’s then-Fox News show and promoted a website where supporters could donate money to Goodwyn and other rioters whom the site called “political prisoners.”

The Justice Department now wants Goodwyn to give up more than $25,000 he raised — a clawback that is part of a growing effort by the government to prevent rioters from being able to personally profit from participating in the attack that shook the foundations of American democracy.

An Associated Press review of court records shows that prosecutors in the more than 1,000 criminal cases from Jan. 6, 2021, are increasingly asking judges to impose fines on top of prison sentences to offset donations from supporters of the Capitol rioters.

Dozens of defendants have set up online fundraising appeals for help with legal fees, and prosecutors acknowledge there’s nothing wrong with asking for help for attorney expenses. But the Justice Department has, in some cases, questioned where the money is really going because many of those charged have had government-funded legal representation.

Most of the fundraising efforts appear on GiveSendGo, which bills itself as “The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site” and has become a haven for Jan. 6 defendants barred from using mainstream crowdfunding sites, including GoFundMe, to raise money. The rioters often proclaim their innocence and portray themselves as victims of government oppression, even as they cut deals to plead guilty and cooperate with prosecutors.

Their fundraising success suggests that many people in the United States still view Jan. 6 rioters as patriots and cling to the baseless belief that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump. The former president himself has fueled that idea, pledging to pardon rioters if he is elected.

Markus Maly, a Virginia man scheduled to be sentenced next month for assaulting police at the Capitol, raised more than $16,000 from an online campaign that described him as a “January 6 P.O.W.” and asked for money for his family. Prosecutors have requested a $16,000-plus fine, noting that Maly had a public defender and did not owe any legal fees.

“He should not be able to use his own notoriety gained in the commission of his crimes to ‘capitalize’ on his participation in the Capitol breach in this way,” a prosecutor wrote in court papers.

This is just another part of the Democratic war on women and children. I just hope once the Republicans retake the White House and toss those Democrats out, the new Attorney General takes their cue from the Democrats and has four AM raids on Democrats with thirty heavily armed agents, but they will leave the women and children alone because declaring war on them is truly evil.





14 Responses

  1. This is beyond outrageous!

    Real criminals get out with either no bail or very low bail and many serve no time at all while these truly innocent people are sentenced to years in a “gulag” for nothing.

    This is not the America that I know and that so many have fought and died for.

  2. Time to kill every politician in the USA and overthrow this criminally corrupt US government.

  3. The Biden administration & his disgusting puppet DOJ are so evil & corrupt & greedy ! They have no consciences. These poor souls in that disgusting Washington Hell-hole were victims of a well-orchestrated entrapment.
    God help them & God forgive those merciless captors !!!

  4. What needs to happen is for all the real American citizens to go after the government for locking the J6 prisoners up to begin with. These are not criminals but political prisoners who disagreed with the democrats and their rigged elections.

  5. Sounds like the Nazis and Communism has taken over the illegal government that is in place. The very thing they accuse President Trump of.

  6. It is ABOUT TIME that this Corrupt to the Core Government be Brought to Justice. I believe Jan. 6 was a SET UP by the Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi! There is NO DIFFERENCE between this “government” and Every Oppressive Regime in History! God Bless America and God Damn Every Criminal Member in this Government! Happy Memorial Day!

  7. I just can’t believe all the Cowards in the Republican Party. I am so sick of seeing them bend over for the Democrats. Most of the Republicans do not have balls. Just look at Graham and McConnell. Typical example. These poor Demonstrators are rotting in prison, while the Biden Crime family continues to get away with their dirty deeds.
    Just keep it up, Republicans, I for one will not vote Republicans any longer. You don’t deserve my vote. You are nothing, but a bunch of Cowards.

    1. I can understand your frustration toward the republicans that appear to be cowards, but I am concerned about your statement that you won’t vote GOP again. That means the Dems are a shoe-in as far as you are concerned. To me that means you enjoy and want the Dem rule and for America to become a communist rulled country. Good-bye America, Land That I Love.

    2. You may have a point about a few Republicans but what is the alternative? Pass your vote or lack of a vote that only helps the crooks that brought this on in the first place. There is no alternative that can win other than democrats and Republicans!

  8. The only problem with NOT voting Republican is that then becomes a vote for the Democrats. Given the apparent abuse of the legal system, flaunting of the laws from kickback, to false testimony, graft, openly discriminating the opposing side, apparent weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, protecting not only a corrupt and treasonous POTUS but allowing a mentally challenged person to run our nation, or is it guided by a previous POTUS in his 3rd term to finish us off? What ever if we want out nation back with some common since we need leaders who will do it and not falter under the threats from all the alphabet organizations.

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