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GRAPHIC: Matador Takes A Bull’s Horn Right In The You Know What [VIDEOS]

The circulation of a video illustrating the dangers of bullfighting has provoked both indignation and compassion among viewers.

This alarming occurrence in the arena has caused considerable distress.

The graphic footage reveals a matador enduring an unexpected and violent encounter. The bull, exhibiting its sheer strength, succeeded in impaling the matador, striking him in a vulnerable area.

As the viewers were filled with shock and dismay, the injured matador was swiftly removed from the ring to receive medical care.

For those with a stronger stomach, an unedited version of the video is available at the bottom of this article.

“Alejandro Conquero suffered a “goring in the posterior perianal region which dissects the rectum through the coccyx and could affect the external sphincter of the anus,” – Attending doctor at the ring.”

New York Post

Bullfighting has long been a contentious issue, with proponents emphasizing its cultural significance and the courage and expertise of the matadors, while opponents are adamant in their criticism of the potential risks to fighters and cruelty towards animals.

This incident serves as a reminder of the dangers that bullfighters face.

Animal rights activists have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of this issue, highlighting the suffering inflicted upon bulls during such events which they perceive is incompatible with modern society.

On the other hand, proponents emphasize its cultural significance and the skill and bravery of the matadors.

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