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Gutfeld Goes On Epic Monolog Rant, DESTROYING Biden Over Mental Capacity

Greg Gutfeld, the host of ‘Gutfeld’ on the Fox News Channel, highlighted Biden’s mental decline with a three-minute long monologue on Friday night that was described as “hilarious” by

In it, he highlighted some of the more concerning aspects of Biden’s behaviour, such as his creepy advances on Eva Longoria and talking about non-existent ocean trains.

Gutfeld pointed out how Biden allowed trans pervs to be present at the White House lawn and questioned why there was no investigation into his family’s corruption.

All these events have cast a serious shadow over Biden’s campaign for president in 2020 and raised questions as to whether or not he is fit for office.

The debate among Democrats now seems to be focused around which candidate is best suited to win against Donald Trump in 2020 – Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders?

While many Democrats may still harbour doubts about Bernie Sanders’ electability due to his far-left policies, they should also consider that Joe Biden isn’t really any better when it comes to having a chance at winning the election.

If anything, he could even hurt their chances due to his recent mental acuity issues and questionable behaviour.

The fact that Joe Biden has had issues with both demonstrating mental competency and displaying creepy interactions with women is highly problematic for Democrats who are looking for someone who can win against Trump in 2020 – especially given Trump’s track record on similar issues himself.

Women voters are a key constituency group which will decide who wins this year: thus, any candidate running against him would need to demonstrate clear superiority when it comes to respecting women – something that Joe Biden seems unable (or unwilling) to do at this point in time.

Some members of the Democratic Party may suggest that ignoring all these allegations against Joe Biden is politically wise since they won’t actually change anything if he gets elected President anyway – they should also think about what kind of message their support sends out.

Relevant transcript:

The president with no brain thinks we’re building an ocean train. It’s true, old Joe came up with an ingenious transportation plan this week. My god, I hope it’s not plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.

(clips shows Biden saying exactly this)

Get in trouble. Once again the president says out loud that other people are in charge. So a train across the Indian Ocean. What’s next? An elevator to Narnia? An escalator to Candyland? A beanstalk to Tyrus’ house?

Meantime, you better not ask him about his family’s wheeling and dealing with supermodels when they run out of Greg.

(clip shows Biden snapping at reporter for asking him why he is referred to as the “Big Guy”)

Well, someone is doing their best Trump impression (writer’s note: Biden’s behavior is far worse) because I was old enough to remember when that behavior was considered hateful.

Later in the evening, Biden held a screening of Eva Longoria’s new movie Flaming Hot. I was really disappointed by the misleading title. Turns out it’s not about Natalie from Facts of Life. She’s still alive, I’m just saying the character doesn’t exist.

Anyway, the audience on the White House lawn featured many Hispanics, and to Joe’s dismay, they weren’t there to mow the grass. I know, I know. He’s a racist. On the bright side, no man flashed his breasts.

I wonder if Joe knows Eva for a long time.

(Plays video of Biden claiming he’s known Eva Longoria since she was 17 and he was 40)

Ehh, I didn’t know Eva Longoria was 70. And then later, he went in for a hug that he held a little too long. It’s probably payback for Dr. Jill slapping tongues with Doug Emhoff.

But Eva had to remove his liver-spotted hands from her taut torso, and it’s not his fault, he thought she was an ice cream cone.

Meanwhile, North Carolina focus groups show swing voters are concerned by his advanced age…They feel exhausted and without confidence whenever they see him mumble nonsense or fall flat on his face.




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  1. Joe Biden does not have a mental problem at all. It’s an insurance policy if he is somehow removed from office due to illegal or unethical actions as he is the head of the Biden Criminal Empire. This is just like Harris was picked to be VP because she is an insurance policy that he will not be removed from office because the USA would then be left to her idiotic whims. Joe Biden has been a very calculated and devious politician for nearly 40 years and one does not survive that long without being cunning and devious.

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