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Hamas Admits to Shelling Israeli Hospital: Will the Mainstream Press Notice?

Hamas admits firing rockets at Ramallah Hospital. Fortunately, Israel’s Iron Drome intercepted most of them and the one rocket that did get through did not hit squarely on the hospital. There were no deaths and no serious injuries. The mainstream press dragged Israel through the mud, claiming that they had bombed a hospital, a claim that Rashida Tlaib continues to lie about. As it turns out a missile hit the parking lot of a hospital and that rocket was launched by Hamas.

But, do you honestly believe the liberal press will even mention that Hamas tried to wipe out an Israeli hospital? Don’t hold your breath or bet the rent money on it. They have already jumped to the defense more times that a Democratic voter can count. Many colleges and universities including Penn and Harvard have joined in the fray with the terrorists. Anti-Semitism has taken hold and it won’t let go.

The truth is that while Democratic members of Congress and many liberal universities cry out for diversity, they also cry out for the destruction of Israel. In my opinion, those colleges and universities that allow this to happen should lose all of the federal and state funds that help fund this hatred. No one’s hard earned tax dollars should be spent spreading hate to our only real ally in the Middle East.  Yahoo News laughably refers to the missile attack as being “rare.”

Hamas has fired rockets on Jerusalem from Gaza for the first time in two months.

Air raid sirens blared shortly after 3pm as Israel’s Iron Dome anti-air defense system intercepted three missiles.

One rocket was reported to have landed near the Ramallah hospital.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the first missile attack on the city since 16 October.

From Hot Air

Describing a Hamas missile attack on Israeli soil as “rare” is also completely laughable. The only reason that Hamas hasn’t been firing missiles since October 16 is that they’ve been a bit busy with Israel’s preparations for and eventual execution of the counteroffensive. They’ve been chased out of their holes and a lot of the potential rocketeers have been captured or killed. Now that the tunnels are being flooded, they may be running out of places to hide their missiles. In fact, it’s possible that they decided to fire this batch now just to avoid losing the rockets in the rising waters.

We should also keep in mind that rockets aren’t the only form of attack that Hamas continues to use in its effort to destroy Israel. One month ago today they claimed responsibility for a shooting attack outside of Jerusalem at the same time that they were demanding a humanitarian pause.

Hamas’s armed wing claimed responsibility Thursday for a gun attack near Jerusalem that killed a soldier, saying it was in response to the ongoing bloodshed in Gaza. The news came after Gaza’s main telecommunications companies Paltel and Jawwal said services in the enclave were down due to a lack of fuel.

Despite all of their demands and protestations, these animals that comprise Hamas cannot be trusted in any way. What’s the best way to tell if a Hamas spokesperson is lying? His lips are moving. (Insert rimshot.) They’re just getting desperate now because the reality is setting in that Israel means what they say. Bibi Netanyahu promised to destroy Hamas and the remaining fighters likely know their days are numbered. Iran will just have to find somebody else to give all of the money that Joe Biden keeps funneling to them.



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