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Hamas Releases Statement, Claims Foreign Hostages Were Taken “By Accident”

On Monday, Hamas spokesman Abu Obaida released a statement regarding the captives taken by the organization during their assault in southern Israel 8 days prior.

Reports indicate that over 1,300 Jews were killed in the attack, of which 300 were children and young adults who attended a concert targeted by Hamas.

The group asserts that they are currently holding between 200 and 250 Jews in Gaza.

Data suggests that nationals from 41 countries are either deceased or unaccounted for.

Here are a few of the young, beautiful women who are being held by the barbarians.

Hamas released this statement on Monday.

Key highlights from the recent speech of Abu Obaida, the spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades:

Abu Obaida: The prisoners count ranges between 200 and 250 prisoners, with Al-Qassam currently holding 200 prisoners.

Abu Obaida: We keep a diverse group of individuals currently under temporary custody, hailing from different nationalities. These individuals are considered our esteemed guests, and our primary goal is to ensure their safety.

Abu Obaida: We will release individuals from various nationalities under temporary custody when the on-ground conditions permit it.

Abu Obaida: We wish to convey to the global community and those who are interested in getting involved in the prisoners’ issue that we are resolute in our commitment to bring happiness to every Palestinian household in this sacred cause.

Abu Obaida: We are currently unable to fully and accurately declare the numbers of occupation prisoners inside Gaza due to security and field considerations. However, our preliminary assessment suggests that the figure falls within the range of 200 to 250, or exceeds that range slightly.

Abu Obaida: The most recent Israeli prisoner who was killed in an Israeli airstrike was identified as Guy Olives.

Abu Obaida: The occupation deliberately carried out a barbaric and brutal aggression against our people instead of directly engaging with the fighters on the battlefield.

Abu Obaida: The Zionist occupation’s threat of launching a ground aggression against our people does not intimidate us.

‎Abu Obaida: We salute our great people in every location they may be, to our Mujahideen across all domains, and to the fighters on all battlefronts, and to the masses who are rising up against Zionist aggression worldwide. Our accolades go to every individual, be it wielding a weapon, raising their voice, or using the quill, who has united to reject this criminal enemy.

Official website – Hamas movement

Here is a photo collage of the missing 200-250 civilians following the Hamas attack.




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  1. Kind’a hard to ‘engage with the fighters’ when the ‘fighters’ are holding children in front of themselves…COWARDS!

    1. sloppy Joe will just give them the cash. Don’t need the “little people” back here anymore….

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