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Hawley: Fauci Lied – Worked to ‘Discourage,’ ‘Discredit’ Covid Lab Leak Theory

On Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” and reacted to the news of former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci downplaying the lab leak theory, which suggests that COVID-19 was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China as a bioweapon.

Hawley noted that Fauci actively worked to “discourage” and “discredit’ the theory.

“What about this memo that was created at the request of Dr. Fauci, and now new evidence suggesting that not only did Dr. Fauci prompt the drafting of this publication that would disprove the lab leak theory, is it true he might have edited and rewritten parts of it and then quoted it as an independent in source when in fact he was actively involved in it?” asked FNC host Sean Hannity. “Is that true?”

“You know, I’ve seen — I’ve seen the news report, Sean,” Hawley responded. “I don’t know if it’s true that he was actively involved, although in the news report certainly suggests he was. He did cite it from the podium. What we do know is that Fauci actively, actively worked to discredit the idea the I believe fact that this came from a lab, that COVID was a lab leak, originated in a lab leak.”

“He actively worked to discourage that, to discredit that, when our own government was collecting intelligence that suggested it did, in fact, come from a lab,” he continued.

Hawley added, “This is why we need to let the American people see it. No more take our word from it, no more trust the bureaucrats, no more trust Fauci, let the American people see for themselves.”

Of course Fauci worked to keep it all hush hush. He knew that if the truth got out, he would be in massive trouble, and his payout money won’t help him behind bars.

I agree with Hawley. Let Americans see the evidence and let’s hold Fauci responsible for his actions.




8 Responses

  1. Why not ask weasel Fauci about all the puppies he tortured in his lab..putting their heads in wire cages and letting flies eat them alive what kind of science do you call that..that is one nasty little Frankenstein

  2. The third world United States, that suppresses evidence and colludes to brainwash the people and push their govt. corruptness.

  3. I’m not even going to read this article. I’ve had enough! So, representative Hawley, are you drawing up the contempt referral for Fauci’s prosecution. If not, WHY! If you do not, Step Down!…

  4. I’m not even going to read this article. I’ve had enough! So, representative Hawley, are you drawing up the contempt referral for Fauci’s prosecution? If not, why? If you do not, step down. You are ineffective but you are not alone.…

  5. He’s going to jail, right? Sure he is. Hawley has a better chance of going to jail than fauci does….

  6. fauci is a LIAR, FRAUD, TRAITOR who swhould be executed for TREASON!!!!! Covid was a scam designed by TRAITORS to turn America into a 3rd world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!

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