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House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, Rep. Dan Bishop Threaten Subpoena Of ESG ‘Cartel’

House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan and North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop just sent out a letter to the CEO of Ceres, calling on the executive to explain corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts that could violate federal antitrust laws. Jordan and Bishop want Ceres’ CEO Mindy S Lubber to explain how their use of Climate Action 100+ is not in violation of anti-trust laws. Climate Action 100+ pressures companies to go along with their ESG policies.

The lawmakers wrote in the letter:

“The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the adequacy and enforcement of U.S. antitrust laws. Corporations are collectively adopting and imposing progressive environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-related goals, and Ceres appears to facilitate collusion through Climate Action 100+ that may violate U.S. antitrust law. To advance our oversight and inform potential legislation related to collusive ESG policies, the Committee must understand how and to what extent Ceres and Climate Action 100+ facilitated corporate collusion to promote ESG-related goals.” 

Here is what they are requesting from Ceres:

  • All documents and communications referring or relating to the various markets, sectors, or industries, in which Climate Action 100+ or Ceres help investors, members, or other companies advance ESG-related goals.
  • All documents and communications referring or relating to guidance from ClimateAction 100+ (including from any of its investor networks, any of its working groups, or its Steering Committee) or Ceres on how investors, members, or other companies can or should advance ESG-related goals, including but not limited to how they can or should do so with so-called “focus companies.”
  • All documents and communications referring or relating to any efforts by Climate Action 100+ (including by any of its investor networks, any of its working groups, or its SteeringCommittee) or Ceres to obtain or solicit agreements, commitments, or other types of participation from any investors, members, or other companies, including but not limited to BlackRock, State Street, or Vanguard, to advance ESG-related goals. Please understand this request to include, but not be limited to, any documents and communications referring or relating to any investor’s, member’s, or other company’s knowledge or awareness of a different investor’s, member’s, or other company’s-coordination or work with, or agreements to support efforts relating to, Climate Action 100+ or Ceres.
  • All documents and communications between or among investors, members, or other companies referring or relating to investors’, members’, or other companies’ joint or collective efforts to advance ESG-related goals, including any documents and communications reflecting or suggesting agreement over specific steps, policies, or best practices.
  • All documents and communications referring or relating to the circumstances of the founding of Climate Action 100+, including any documents and communications about the need for Climate Action 100+ to facilitate advancing ESG-related goals, and about the roles of Ceres and CalPERS.
  • All documents and communications between or among proxy advisory firms, including institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis, or financial services companies, including PayPal, referring or relating to ESG-related goals.

Bishop and Jordan added in the letter:

“Accordingly, the requests in our initial letter dated December 6, 2022, remain outstanding. We reiterate these requests and ask for your prompt voluntarily compliance by May 19, 2023. Please be advised that the Committee may be forced to resort to compulsory process if these requests remain outstanding.” 




7 Responses

  1. Here you go again with … we’re thinking about it crap … just do it and save the country for christ sake. Enough with this crap already. Yall talk alot but do nothing like the democrats. That’s why they keep screwing the people and the country. Doesn’t anyone have the balls to step on some necks ??? Untill you do nothing will get done. The corruption keeps running. Get a pair and do something about the BS and corruption.

    1. Yep, call them domestic terrorists and enemy of the state by way of treason and act accordingly. Maybe tell all conservatives to buy as much guns and ammo as they can and watch the DemonRats freak out. Atleast we get a good laugh at those lunatics being who they realy are.

  2. Dear Rep Jordan,

    I am writing to propose a regulation for oversight on CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) digital dollar currency in the United States. The purpose of this regulation would be to ensure accountability and transparency for government personnel and individuals associated with oversight of digital currencies.

    Under this proposed regulation, all government and Central Bank’s personnel, Congress, Legislative, and Judicial branches, their families, friends, business associates, and all those who have oversight of digital currencies in the United States would be subject to oversight. American citizens would retain the power to have access and oversight to all those mentioned persons and entities mentioned to cease purchases, amounts spent on a weekly or monthly basis, and suspend their accounts voted by citizens in 50 USA states.

    While this proposal aims to ensure transparency and accountability, it is also essential to balance this with the need for privacy and security. Therefore, the specifics of the regulation would need to be carefully considered and planned, taking into account the privacy and security concerns of those subject to oversight.

    Implementing this regulation would require significant planning, infrastructure, and resources, including the management and maintenance of oversight systems and the provision of necessary information and tools to American citizens to exercise their oversight power.

    I believe that this proposal could have significant benefits in ensuring accountability and transparency for government personnel and individuals associated with oversight of digital currencies. I would be happy to discuss this proposal further and provide additional information as needed.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Robert Mandel

  3. Is anyone watching Congress drill some of these people? I’ve been watching Jordan and Kennedy and a few others and I do think they are serious about getting something done. Most of the questions asked by the Congress to some of these people are hard core. And, the people being questioned have a very hard time explaining their actions.

    Having said this, it does remain to be seen if anything comes of them.

  4. I get dozens of emails per day from Republicans asking for donations. I will send generous donations WHEN bills actually get passed and legislation is enacted.
    Only a handful of congressional members challenge the Dem Cartel.
    I pray that McCarthy links 2022 fiscal spending that is keeping the 2022 level and is NOT cutting anything back.
    Republicans have been owned by their donors for too long. It is time to get a backbone and become Patriotic Warriors.

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