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House Republicans Fail to Pass Short-Term Spending Bill as Government Shutdown Looms

On Friday, House Republicans were unable to pass a thirty-day stopgap funding bill proposed by Speaker McCarthy, with the government shutdown deadline looming on September 30th at midnight (12:01 am October 1st).

CNBC reported:

House GOP leaders on Friday failed to pass a partisan, short-term spending bill with fewer than two days left to fund the federal government and avoid a shutdown.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy pitched the bill as a way for his fellow Republicans to buy time to pass a slate of individual agency spending bills.

“We actually need a stop-gap measure to allow the House to continue to finish its work, to make sure our military gets paid, to make sure our border agents get paid as we finish the job that we’re supposed to do,” McCarthy told reporters.

Don’t worry, because Ukraine is still getting  our US taxpayer money. McCarthy made sure of it.

The House voted 311-117 in favor of allocating an additional $300 million in aid to Ukraine late Thursday night. This provision was included in the Pentagon funding bill for fiscal year 2024.

“Last night, House Republicans agreed that we wouldn’t fund DHS unless e-verify was passed because we’d have to take a vote on HR 2,” Gaetz said on Friday morning.

“Today, 11 hours later, the Continuing Resolution being considered strips mandatory e-verify and worsens our position on the border.”

“I’m voting NO!” he said.


ICYMI: House Ways and Means Committee Releases Documents Confirming Hunter Biden Peddled Access to Joe Biden in 23 Countries




4 Responses

  1. “Speaker Kevin McCarthy pitched the bill as a way for his fellow Republicans to buy time to pass a slate of individual agency spending bills.”
    Hey, Kevin, you have had since January to put a budget together as REQUIRED by our Constitution. If you had done that, your back wouldn’t be against the wall to pass stop-gap funding to keep the government open now. Where have you been? And don’t tell us there was other business. The Constitution should be your first order of business. I know there are other issues, there always are, but apparently you’re running a House of Representatives that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

    1. Tim; I just wrote elsewhere regarding the continuous talk by the Republican House having the goods and going after the Biden administration! This all falls under the same category of BS and “Smoke and Mirror Cheap Talk!” This RINO talks BS consistently!

      Compare these thoughts that follow!

      Patriot; exactly, and if this is what they the so called “elected authorities” tell us the “Public/Voters;” we can just stop for a moment and imagine how many other crimes besides “Influence Peddling” this bottom of the barrel totally unethical/immoral traitor family are guilty of! And how the CIA and FBI are and have been fully aware of it all for decades, yet we keep getting this “talk about this and that investigation” is underway or “we’re going after them!”

      So are we all supposed to be so stupid out here in “The Nobody’s Land” that we don’t see enough of a pattern of criminal activity by these despots that’s actually an “organized crime syndicate” which easily puts the infamous “Mafioso Al Capone Organized Crime Syndicate” of the “Roaring 20’s” during the “Prohibition Gangland Era,” that far exceeds those rackets by bookies, speakeasies, pimps and gambling operations, with some contract murders tossed in; as mostly “hanky-panky” in comparison when stacked up against, “International crimes of espionage, treason and the “straight-out selling out of America” to our enemies abroad, like the CCP, along with enormous kickbacks to boot, just for starters! All of which most certainly warrants the “RICO Statutes of Law” being applied ASAP!

      Hey GOP House, C’Mon Man!!!

      Do you creeps have any morals or consciences at all?

  2. Looks to me like they all are “running it into the ground;” and “don’t give a rat’s ass” about any of us! But “Illegal Alien Invaders” mostly “single men” from 149 countries with “nefarious backgrounds,” many of them get a “Free Pass” and “Carte Blanche” assistance to the “Amusement Land” once called “The United States of America” when it really meant something “Great!”

  3. Again….I can not believe that American’s are voting (our elected people) to give US money away to another country when our country “AMERICA” is going down the toilet! We’re funding Ukraine but not Americans, we’re letting in ailens from other countries, giving them free everything while OUR PEOPLE–AMERICAN’S are in trouble and can’t afford to buy groceries and gas once again!!!! What the hell is wrong with these elected officials???? If you can’t find a way to help out OUR PEOPLE, then get out of office and let someone in that can!! I’m tired of paying taxes so illegals can enjoy free medical when I’ve worked for 30 plus years and now surviving on Social Security and trying to feed a family of FOUR because my children can’t afford to move out!! We need to take back our country, we need TRUMP back to get us back where he had our economy going. Look where we COULD HAVE BEEN if President Trump didn’t have to fight off false claims made by the democrats and still made progress for America and Americans. Bring TRUMP BACK PLEASE!!!!!

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