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House Republicans To Impeach Mayorkas As Soon As Next Week

The House plans on impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas as early as next week for not just allowing illegals into the country but encouraging them to come and doling out billions of dollars that attracts even more illegals. Mayorkas has been more worthless than teats on a boar hog. If I had my way, instead of impeaching him I would deport him. Maybe that would be a bad idea. He would have no trouble reentering the country using the open border he helped create.

Speaker Mike Johnson said:

“The facts show that President Biden and his Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas have willfully ignored and actively undermined our nation’s immigration laws. My office has documented at least 64 specific actions taken by his administration that effectively opened our border and instituted the current chaos. Rather than accept accountability, President Biden is now trying to blame Congress for what HE himself intentionally created.”

 “The ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, the end of ‘Catch and Release,’ meaningful reforms to the existing broken asylum and parole systems, and continued construction of a wall at our southern border. Since the day I became Speaker, I have assured our Senate colleagues the House would not accept any counterproposal if it would not actually solve the problems that have been created by the administration’s subversive policies.”

“If President Biden wants us to believe he is serious about protecting our national sovereignty, he needs to demonstrate his good faith by taking immediate actions to secure it. He should sign an order right now to end the mass release of illegals and dangerous persons into our country. If he wants our conference to view him as a good faith negotiator, he can start with the stroke of a pen.”

 “I insisted to the President that the American people can no longer tolerate the record encounters with illegals (302,000+ in December alone), the overwhelming number of deaths from fentanyl poisoning, human trafficking, the admission of terrorists into our country, and the crushing burdens his policies are inflicting upon all our states and communities.” 

“I made clear that we stand with Texas Governor Greg Abbott in his heroic efforts to protect the citizens of his state and all Americans, and I am emphasizing again today that House Republicans will vigorously oppose any policy proposal from the White House or Senate that would further incentivize illegal aliens to break our laws. Thank you all for uniting in this fateful battle for our border and our national sovereignty.”

From The Daily Wire

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) outlined the Republican Conference’s agenda in fighting President Joe Biden’s illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border in a letter sent to Members this week, including impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Johnson said in the letter that the House would reject a watered down border bill from the Senate that fails to address the crisis on the border.

Johnson highlighted the “transformative corrections” contained in the House’s Secure the Border Act (H.R. 2), which was sent to the Senate nine months ago.

Johnson said that when Members return next week, the House Homeland Security Committee will move forward with Articles of Impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas. A vote on the House floor will likely be held soon after.



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