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Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Now Living at San Diego Airport as California Runs Out of Places to Put People (VIDEO)

Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon, California, expressed grave concern about the current situation in his community on Tuesday during an interview with “FOX & Friends First”.

Over 300 migrants have been taking up residence in the San Diego International Airport due to a lack of space in shelters and hospitals throughout California.

The state’s homeless population is estimated to be 172,000 people, and this new influx of migrants has only worsened an “unimaginable” crisis.

According to Wells, 42,000 migrants have arrived in the San Diego area over the past two-and-a-half months with nowhere else to go.

He called out both state and federal government officials for policies that are putting pressure on his community.

In the video below, Mayor Wells says that they are getting no help from Governor Newsom or the federal government.


This is a disaster waiting to happen.

ICYMI: Mexican Officials Provide GPS Coordinates to Illegal Alien Caravans For Mass Crossings Into US




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  1. Well, Bill. Because you are a communist and a demoncRAT the obvious solution eludes you. Just send them to scat francisco and also to sacramento where they will be most welcome.

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