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Hunter Biden Is So Scared of Trump That He Threatened to Leave the Country If He Wins

Hunter Biden threatens to leave the country if President Trump gets the White House back. This is just another reason not to vote for Joe Biden. And unlike people like Whoopi Goldberg and other Democratic elites, Hunter might just do it. Without Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland to run interference for him, he is very likely to go to prison for a few years. China does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, but without Joe in power, would they take him?

Hunter was the star of the show for the leftist media this past week when he held a press conference on Capitol Hill rather than testify before the House, defying a  subpoena. Eric Swalwell also defied the law when he aided and abetted Hunter in his contempt of Congress stance. Rep James Comer and Rep Jim Jordan have already announced they will be charging Hunter Biden with that crime.

During his press conference he said he would only testify in an open hearing. Like Joe, Hunter thinks he is a dictator who can do whatever he wants. He will soon find out is not so. He also told the press he would leave the country if Trump becomes president once again. Actually, that would be good advice for many liberals who obstructed justice in favor of Hunter and Joe.

Between the gun charges and the tax evasion crimes he committed, Hunter is facing a maxim8um of 42 years in prison. And there could be more charges under Trump such as a FARA violation and money laundering. He is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison with the added charges. Furtherm0ore, Joe Biden could also be charged with a litany of crimes and at least he might not be aware that he is in prison.

From PJ Media

Biden is terrified of Trump and a Republican-controlled legislative branch because he knows that they will take action to hold him accountable for all of the corruption he’s participated in alongside his father. The privilege he enjoys right now courtesy of the two-tiered system of justice that the deep state has installed in the DOJ will be dismantled, and he will have to face the music. 

As of right now, with tax violations and gun charges, Hunter Biden faces a whopping 42 years in prison if convicted. It seems the president’s golden child (I say that with total sarcasm) is confident he’s not going to have to worry about consequences for his actions anytime soon. 

“In recent conversations with family friends, he [Hunter] has worried that he might have to flee the country if Trump were to be elected president again,” two individuals who have conversed with Hunter told Politico writer Jonathan Lemire.

If Hunter is serious about hightailing it out of America if Trump stomps a mudhole in his father next year, he might want to start packing his bags because the latest polling data shows the former president walloping the current commander-in-chief.

The Morning Consult shows Trump ahead of the president in six of seven critical swing states. Another survey from CNN has the 45th president smacking Biden down by a total of three percentage points with “men of color” voters. Add to that a poll from NBC News that has Trump ahead by two and another Morning Consult survey showing Trump leading Biden by ten on key issues. 





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  1. The sorry sob had better get out of the country if Trump gets re-elected and better take his dumb-ass daddy with him.

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