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Hunter Biden’s Bizarre Countersuit Against John Paul Mac Isaac

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre lawsuits in the history of the courts, Hunter Biden’s lawyers refuse to acknowledge that the laptop belongs to Hunter, but then they say that Isaac stole the contents from Hunter. Did he suddenly become a hacker?  All of the information that Isaac has made public has come from the laptop that Hunter abandoned at Isaac’s computer repair shop. He has the repair order that Hunter signed when he dropped it off.

The first footnote in the 42-page countersuit:

“This is not an admission by Mr. Biden that Mac Isaac (or others) in fact possessed any particular laptop containing electronically stored data belonging to Mr. Biden. Rather, Mr. Biden simply acknowledges that at some point, Mac Isaac obtained electronically stored data, some of which belonged to Mr. Biden.”

Strangely, the lawyers for Hunter refused to admit the laptop belonged to Hunter, but then they said even if that were true, he did not have the right to access the information on the laptop that he then owned. The law states that any abandoned property of 90 days or longer belongs to the person who worked on it. I cannot find a law that says they are not entitled to the information on it. If Hunter wanted to keep that private, perhaps he should have picked the laptop up after receiving several notices from Isaac. Now, he wants a judge to write a new law from the bench.

From The Daily Wire

“At no time did Mr. Biden grant Mac Isaac any permission to access, review, copy, or disseminate for his own purposes any electronically stored data that ever was created or received or maintained by Mr. Biden (regardless of how Mac Isaac came into possession of such material),” the countersuit claims. (emphasis added)

So how did Mac Isaac get Hunter’s personal data? His attorneys have no idea how. They can’t even say which personal data they are talking about.

“In or before April 2019, Counterclaim Defendant Mac Isaac, by whatever means, came into possession of certain electronically stored data, at least some of which belonged to Counterclaim Plaintiff Biden,” his attorneys wrote. (emphasis added)

Now, The Daily Wire audience knows that conservative news outlets have verified that the laptop belongs to Hunter. It appears that The New York Post, the first to report this bombshell story that got them censored on Twitter in 2020, has been fully vindicated.

After the 2020 election, once Biden was inaugurated and the story could do less damage to the Democratic Party, legacy media outlets finally began looking into whether they exist or not. Politico, The New York Times, and The Washington Post all confirmed it was Hunter’s laptop. Here’s how Hunter’s attorneys responded to that reporting:

Mr. Biden denies that any Politico story confirmed the validity of the New York Post exposé.

Mr. Biden denies that any New York Times story confirmed the validity of the New York Post exposé.

Mr. Biden denies that any Washington Post story confirmed the validity of the New York Post exposé.




3 Responses

  1. It appears that the entire Biden family is afflicted with a very bad case of being pathological liars. When one of them opens their mouth lies come out.

  2. Mr. Biden is a total scum bag on drugs, seeking prostitutes as evidenced by his own images on the computer taken as selfies. How can he deny that? Did they just magically appear there out of the blue? That makes all other data completely relevant and 100% Mr. Biden’s. Should this go to trial he will lose if anybody on the jury has even one neuron of brain activity. This then should expose the entire Biden Crime Family to criminal activity to treason lead by Joe Biden himself. I don’t understand why charges which are plain as day, have not been filed against Joe Biden through Impeachment and removal from the Presidency. The weak kneed Democratic Party Impeachments of Trump sure wasted no time in putting their two impeachments together knowingly based on total lies and made up documents. The big difference here is “real evidence” is right there in front of Congress to act on and they are sitting on their hands letting this insane monster destroy the nation. WHY!

  3. Where are the romping and stomping DA’s in charge of this multiple illegal operating drug user and his illegal operations which include, failure to report income, failure to pay taxes, using his political influence to get foreign jobs and do nothing but collect bribes, taking tax payer kickbacks, providing “the big man” millions of dollars in illegal bribes, and committing basic treason against the USA? He has lied to authorities, threatened those who point fingers at him, got thrown out of the Navy for being a drug attic, had sex with his brothers wife, and was stupid enough to leave and abandon his computer full of evidence at a computer store for over a year. This idiot needs to be put in jail for his own safety.

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