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Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Threatened Prosecutors With Putting Joe Biden On the Stand

According to a new report from Politico, attorneys for Hunter Biden may have taken drastic action in an attempt to secure a plea deal for their client.

The report is based on a letter written by Chris Clark, counsel for Hunter Biden, which was allegedly provided to Politico by an individual with knowledge of the communications between the Justice Department and Biden’s legal team.

In the letter, Clark reportedly threatened that President Joe Biden would be called as a defense witness in court should prosecutors continue with their case against Hunter.

Furthermore, Clark heavily criticized the reported leak of information that federal agents had enough evidence to charge Hunter with illegally buying a gun while being a drug user.

In a 32-page letter, Clark suggested that due to his position as President of the United States, Joe Biden may be called upon to testify as a witness in any criminal trial brought by the Department of Justice.

He warned that this could lead to “a spectacle” and a “resulting constitutional crisis.”

Subsequently, Clark has withdrawn from representing Hunter Biden and stated he expects to be called as a witness himself.

When asked for comment on the matter by Politico, he declined.

The plea deal between Clark and government lawyers, negotiated to be lenient on the president’s son, has been widely criticized and ultimately fell apart under questioning by the judge.

The appointment of a special prosecutor for this case has also been highly scrutinized given his involvement in the controversial plea deal. As it stands, Hunter Biden appears headed for trial during the upcoming election season.

Politico further reported that Hunter Biden’s lawyers had aggressively defended their client against former President Donald Trump’s attacks in a spring 2022 meeting with DOJ lawyers, using a 100-slide PowerPoint presentation to highlight Trump’s public statements about Hunter Biden.

This reportedly included “the very first slide [which] brought up Trump’s first impeachment and his ‘constant’ claims that Hunter Biden was a criminal.”

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8 Responses

  1. Hard to imagine an idiot like Biden on the witness stand. Without anyone holding his hand or the questions and answers written down for him.

  2. I think it’d be great to see Dementia Joe on the witness stand. Maybe someone should ask the jury foreman of the grand jury in Georgia about that. I’ll just bet that she’d get a kick out of that too!!!

    1. personally I don’t think he has dementia. He is faking it to get people on his side through pity and others to thjhnk he will never do what he has promised in his destruction of the US economy and nation

  3. Is this the same handling of the case that would happen if Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were bought to trail for killing someone. Basically they killed off Hunters daughter and Joe’s grand daughter, proven it’s Hunters child through DNA, by denying responsibility. These two are complete scum bags that deserve absolutely no favors or give in anything. They both should go down and go down hard for that and the basic Treason that they both have engaged in. Democrats have a hard time swollowing the fact they were lied to and deceived when Biden ran for POTUS.

  4. Lmao … please do …please put Joe on the stand. And watch him screw up every lie you lawyers are trying to claim are true. Then disbarred these lawyers of Biden . Their dirty lying lawyers for the Communist democrat party

  5. I’d would have loved to seen Biden on a witness stand. That would have been a hoot a minute. Popcorn, hats and everything for an event like that. And as far as a constitutional crisis, having him in the White House is a crisis everyday.

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