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Hunter Laptop Emails Show Joe Biden Traveled to Ireland with Hunter and Jim Biden Who Met with China’s CEFC Executives

Back in 2017 after Joe Biden was out of office, he traveled to Ireland with Hunter, Sara,  and his brother James. While they were there Hunter and Jim met with officials from CEFC the communist regime energy company. Evidently, she had sent a message to Joe about meetings with the representative.

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Former assistant to the Vice President (VP) Kathy Chung sent an email titled “Memo on Ireland FP Options” to “Jimmy Biden” and “Hunter Biden”.  In it, she stated:

VP asked me to send this to you.  He will choose which meetings he’d like to do while in Ireland.  Thanks.

This was in response to an email to Chung from William Russo, the Director of Public Engagement at the Penn Biden Center where Russo said:

As promised, here’s our action memo for VP on foreign policy engagements in Ireland.  Let me know if you need anything else from us on this for now.

What is odd about this is that Joe Biden was allegedly traveling to Ireland for “foreign policy engagements” during the Trump administration since he wasn’t working for Trump and it is illegal for anyone to negotiate with anyone on foreign engagements other than the president of the United States. Of course, he could have registered as an agent of a foreign country, but he didn’t.

Mervyn Yan, a former high ranking official with the CEFC, to Jim, Hunter, and Sara Biden as well as Gongwen Dong.  The email read:

Sara and Hunter,
Because of the sensitivity of the discussion and the participants this afternoon, we booked an off site meeting room in Four Seasons 11th floor instead of using our office, don’t want anyone to overhear.
Please inform the Trade Group folks, see you guys at 2:30pm.
While Joe Biden himself was not included in any of the emails, it seems unlikely that he wouldn’t be aware of a meeting with a Chinese energy firm involving his family and a sensitive discussion with sensitive participants.  Especially considering Hunter claims to believe Joe booked the trip for the “gym (sic) Biden’s”:
Also worth noting is that Yan wrote the email and referred to the original intended meeting place as “our office.”  Does this imply a CEFC office in Ireland?  Or one owned by Yan personally?  Or perhaps a joint office between one of the Biden’s entities and one of Yan’s?  What discussion was being had between, at the very least, the former VP immediate family and a Chinese Energy firm that couldn’t be “overheard” in their own office space?
Just 4 days after most of the Biden’s returned from the Ireland trip (Joe’s itinerary shows he returned on the 18th) on September 21, 2017, the email requesting the names “The Biden Foundation” and “Hudson West (CEFC US)” be added to the signage at the office in the House of Sweden was sent.
After the trip ended, on September 23, 2017, Jim Biden forwarded an email to Hunter that read:
Agreed! Both initial options are very strong, especially the Rosneft transaction. This seems like a no brainer.
Hunter then sent an email to presumably Devon Archer at a Dodson Diversified email address saying:
100% certainty this 1st deal will be funded next week.
The Rosneft transaction is likely a reference to CEFC reaching an agreement to invest $9.1B into Rosneft, a Russian oil firm.  On September 8th, 2017, Reuters reported:
Chinese conglomerate CEFC will buy a 14.16 percent stake in Russian oil major Rosneft for $9.1 billion from a consortium of Glencore and the Qatar Investment Authority, strengthening the energy partnership between Moscow and Beijing.

CEFC China Energy has grown in recent years from a niche oil trader into a sprawling energy conglomerate and the transaction will allow China, the world’s second largest energy consumer, to boost cooperation with the world’s top oil producer.

In a follow-up email from Hunter, as cited above, we learned that he believed Joe had already purchased the airline tickets for “the gym (sic) Biden’s” and that they were non-refundable.

This trip to Ireland is very concerning: the former Vice President’s son meeting with a Chinese energy conglomerate regarding a potential deal with the Russians.  How much influence did Hunter, Jim, and/or Joe have regarding a deal that would strengthen the relationship of our two greatest adversaries had it not fallen through?  And what is the price tag to negotiate a deal that would weaken the country Joe swore to defend?  $4.8 million?





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  1. This, if not already made available to those who care, needs to be widely disseminated to large audiences. This is treasonous!!

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