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Hunter’s ‘Sugar Bro’ Evasive Testimony Gets Him Into a Different Kind of Trouble

Kevin Morris “loaned Hunter Biden ” five million dollars even though he had no job and still wanted to retain his lavish lifestyle.

He even admitted under oath that he could forgive the loan if Hunter could not afford to pay it off. Sounds like a gift and making the gift tax-free.

That saved him a cool million. But Morris may very well have put himself in danger during his testimony. If he writes if the loan is guilty of tax evasion?

In reading the transcript Morris claims he is Hunter Biden’s attorney. He will have to explain how after gifting Hunter Biden, Morris was able to call on the White House where he met with Joe Biden.

That sounds a lot like influence peddling to me, how about you? Indeed, Morris, a well-respected Hollywood fixer who represents the South Park franchise and its Book of Mormon productions. He could be use34fulfor new clients at least until January 19th.

Comer said:

“These ‘loans’ don’t have to be repaid until after the next presidential election, and the ‘loans’ may ultimately be forgiven.” In other words, this could be yet another tax evasion tactic for the Bidens — again. Comer went on, “Since Kevin Morris has kept President Biden’s son financially afloat, he’s had access to the Biden White House and has spoken to President Biden.”

From PJ Media

Hunter Biden’s “Sugar Bro,” who financially bailed out the president’s son from shortly after the moment they met appears to have changed their bromance origin story in a crucial way in testimony before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees this week. But it’s a switch that may get him into more trouble than he is now. 

A transcript of Kevin Morris’s testimony before a joint closed-door meeting of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees reveals that he claims to be Hunter Biden’s “global” attorney in all things and may even be his wife’s attorney. He’ll check his records and get back to the committees about that. 

Indeed, Morris, a well-respected Hollywood fixer who represents the South Park franchise and its Book of Mormon productions, was asked by multiple questioners, including attorneys and lawmakers, about his financial arrangements with Biden. I outlined these arrangements recently which include an eye-popping payout of $5 million of Hunter’s bills, back taxes, and $875,000 in original Hunter Biden art pieces. 

Morris is married to Gaby Morgerman, the agent for Miley Cyrus and other Hollywood A-listers. Besides being a legal fixer for the South Park and Funny Or Die properties, Morris’s clients include actor Mathew McConaughey, according to The Report on the Biden Laptop. And now he claims Hunter Biden as a client. 

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer said in a statement that Morris’s financial support to Hunter Biden “raises ethical and campaign finance concerns for President Joe Biden” because that’s the issue. Morris bailed out Hunter from his non-payment of taxes during his dad’s presidential run. For obvious reasons, e.g. hookers, blow, crack, more hookers, crack, using human trafficking organizations to get girls, moving women over state lines for sex — a federal offense — were all reasons to avoid federal scrutiny of his taxes.

Morris also received a share of Hunter’s company, which is affiliated with the Chinese government.

Q In the letter we discussed that we’re going to talk about loans. I sent your counsel a letter saying one of the topics that we’re going to discuss today is going to be the loans. You’re the attorney for Hunter Biden who has represented him since day one. And I just want to be clear, sitting here, you did not prepare as his attorney to know the total amount of loans that you’ve given Hunter Biden when that was going to be the subject of this interview?

A No, not to the number.





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