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‘I’ll Do A Boob Reveal’: Paige Spiranac Addresses Viral Rickie Fowler Tweet

Paige Spiranac, a former golfer and current social media influencer, faced a viral rumor circulating on the internet Thursday that she would “do a boob reveal when Rickie Fowler wins a Major.”

This was in response to Fowler’s record-breaking performance in the first round of the U.S. Open in Los Angeles where he shot an incredible 62 for the lowest round in tournament history.

Spiranac took to Twitter to deny any truth behind the rumor, stating “A meme account posted a fake tweet awhile ago and now people are blowing up my DMs! This is not true so don’t get your hopes up. But I did pick Rickie as a long shot so at least I have that going for me lol.”

She further clarified her stance with Marca during an Instagram Q & A saying “the false post had a picture of [her] with a quote that said, ‘if Rickie wins, I will let the girls come out and play.'”

Fowler has never won a major championship but has finished in the top three positions in all four major golf championships; his best was 2018 when he came second place at The Masters.

Unfortunately, his great start Thursday was somewhat spoiled by Xander Schauffele who matched his feat 20 minutes later. Despite this being an impressive moment for both golfers, many followers were still focused on Fowler’s performance combined with Spiranac’s denial of her involvement prompting her to respond “The amount of people who think this is real is concerning lol.”

Many of Spiranac’s 900,000 followers were focused on Fowler’s performance and the false tweet, peppering her Twitter account with DMs.

One follower, apparently joking, tweeted, “Its on the internet it has to be true,” to which Spiranac responded, “The amount of people who think this is real is concerning lol.”

But Spiranac noted it is not all a laughing matter. “This is going to haunt me,” she told Marca. “It’s all fake, not true, not real and that meme needs to just disappear forever.”




10 Responses

  1. great way to get rich with more followers
    The Kardashians are famous for much worse

  2. These exhibitionists love flashing their boobs. Glad they get a thrill. Do some intelligent for a change.

  3. Paige, is wearing her fake Buttock on her chest & is extremely unbecoming for a real woman, but for a whorpe its cool. Obviously between the two photos shots she either had another store bought set implanted or purchased falsies to push her up. I have never understand more than a mouthful and I do understand gravity.
    Unbecoming and belittling and fowler wouldnt win just to see those he can see them on any heifer

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