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Illegal Aliens Rush Into San Diego Through Construction Site on Border Fence

This is the legacy of the Biden Administration: Opening the borders and undoing 247 years of progress.

Video surveillance on the U.S.-Mexico border revealed that many undocumented immigrants were able to cross into the United States undetected near San Diego, California.

Witnesses report that some of these individuals ran through a construction site for the border wall without any resistance from authorities.

Video footage courtesy of Leslie Berenice Gutierrez Diaz.

“Video shows a group of illegal immigrants running into the U.S. in San Diego as construction is being done on border barrier.” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

The Biden Regime has sent a loud and clear message through its policies: they are not taking any action to prevent people from crossing the border.

This sends an implicit invitation for migrants to enter, as they know that once inside, they will be let go and can easily blend into the population.

As proof of this failing policy, on Monday Customs and Border Protection cut barbed wire in Eagle Pass Texas to allow illegal immigrants entry—a direct betrayal of American citizens by the Biden Regime.

Once again, Biden’s America. The invasion just keeps going with no end in sight. The United States of America under the criminal Biden Regime perpetuates this unconstitutional crisis.

The Fox reporter also mentioned that an astonishing 11,000 illegal aliens crossed the border into the United States over the weekend—in a single day!

On Monday, it was reported that in a small area of Texas, illegal aliens had planted a foreign flag on U.S soil.

This is seen as an aggressive action taken against the United States.

What is the end-game here, people?

ICYMI: Customs And Border Protection Cut Barbed Wire Barrier To Allow Illegal Aliens to Cross



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