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Illegal Immigrant Activists Take To The Streets To Protest Title 42 Ruling

Illegal Immigrant Activists Go On The Offensive:

On Wednesday, a large group of illegal immigrants and activists made their way from the Sacred Heart Church in Segundo Barrio to the El Paso County Courthouse in Texas to protest against the Trump administration’s Title 42 ruling, which allows for the deportation of asylum-seeking migrants without due process.

The protesters also donned white shirts and pretended to be crucified outside the courthouse as part of their demonstration against what they called cruel and inhumane conditions that illegal immigrants are facing under this policy.

This protest has garnered much attention with conservative politicians condemning it as an act of disrespect towards law enforcement while immigration activists praising it as a necessary action taken to raise awareness about the plight of undocumented individuals living within America’s borders.

Protest Details:

The march began at Sacred Heart Church where protesters chanted slogans such as “No human is illegal” and “We are not criminals”. As they arrived at the courthouse, some members were dressed up like Jesus Christ on a crucifix while others held banners calling for humane treatment for those seeking asylum in America.

They also read out testimonials from those who have experienced suffering under this harsh new policy before holding a moment of silence for all victims affected by it. During this time, over 100 people gathered around them to show solidarity and support for their cause.

Condemnation From Conservative Politicians:

This protest was met with criticism from various political figures across Texas including Attorney General Ken Paxton who described it as “despicable” and “offensive”.

Other conservatives joined him in condemning it calling it an affront to law enforcement officers who are just doing their job enforcing immigration laws set by Congress and US federal government agencies respectively.

However, many immigration activists praised these actions claiming they were necessary steps taken by those who understand how unjustly these policies have been implemented on vulnerable populations seeking safety within our borders.




21 Responses

  1. who cares how these immigrant activists feel, this country has immigration laws, except the democrats dont enforce them, they are supposed to claim asylum in the first safe country they come to, US government, and the American people don’t want their taxes to be used to pay for other peoples, which is in the constitution, which is what the democrats are doing, asylum is for the person being persecuted, which they are not, they are coming to work, escaping poverty and political upheaval the jobs are for American peoples, and they need to be issued work permits, they dint build and create jobs in this country….when you allow people to dictate to you the laws of the country, and what you should do, you got a problem, which creates upheaval and chaos, which democrats are doing, democrats uphold criminals laws for some people, but not mainly immigration laws, President Reagan once said a country that dont secure it borders is not a country at all

  2. Pretend? They should do the real thing, they’d feel better about demanding moire benefits. They already receive moire than legal immigrants have received over the decades. At one time in this country we had a little pride and wanted immigrants to have a skill so they could support themselves, have somewhat of an education, the money to get by on until they obtained a job and be literate. But no more, the Democrats have dropped the standards.

  3. Does anyone care where all these illegals will live, who will feed them and support their children. Does anyone care that they Are bringing in diseases such as TB, measles, ect. Does anyone care that this large number of people will use our resources such as water and electricity…..nope no one cares…they bring them here and leave them here without caring at all about what happens to them or to our citizens and our country!

  4. We owe you nothing go back to your own countries and fix them. Don’t come here and insult my beliefs with that cross stunt.

  5. The immigrant activists and the illegal aliens are the parties guilty of inhumane treatment. Every step they take is illegal – there is a legitimate process for seeking asylum. The international rules for seeking asylum is to file the claim for asylum in the first country you enter after leaving your home country, not illegally wander thousands of miles through various countries in an effort to enter the United States -again illegally.

  6. Not 1of those people was FORCED to come up here, & try to CRIMINALLY INVADE our nation! They are NOT “migrants”; they’re home invaders on a larger scale! I have NO sympathy whatever for them! Where I live, in my building, we have lovely immigrants, both as resident neighbors & who work here! Those came here the proper way to BE Americans. They have become or are becoming citizens& that makes them as AMERICAN as I am.
    That said, the disgusting, denigrating display, at our capitol in Austin, was just BLASPHEMY! Jesus loves the sinners, butHe never once approved of any sin, for any excuse, as those would imply; neither would He put foreign invaders’ wants ahead of citizens’ needs! God outlined how charity was to be handled, quite clearly. BTW the dud trying to break criminally into my home, is NOT my “neighbor”, nor anyone else’! Y’all really should learn to understand the Bible & its Author, before y’all try chastising Christians with it! Take y’all’s blasphemy & invaders back whence they came; they are not welcome!

  7. For illegal aliens who do not wish to be labeled as criminals, how about not breaking the laws of the United States of America as your first act within our borders! Now, before y’all get yer panties in a twist, I am a lawful, Hispanic immigrant who chose American citizenship, subsequently enlisted voluntarily in our Armed Forces, requested a combat assignment, and voluntarily served multiple combat tours. Why? Because being an American is a privilege and a great debt is owed for being permitted that honor.

    I can hear you now: “But you didn’t come from oppression!” Well, I’ll have you know that my birthplace, and from whence I emigrated, is among the top cities and countries from which my fellow countrymen are fleeing oppression and dying of hunger.

    My advice? Do it the right and lawful way. Come to my country through any one of our ports of entry; bring adequate identification, so that you can be properly vetted; fill out the requisite paperwork; wait in line like the rest of us who aren’t criminals. If you follow the law, I’ll welcome you; if not, I’d just as soon regard you as being downrange holding a bullseye. ‘Nuf said?

    De Oppresso Liber

  8. They are not Jesus and probably do not even believe so using this prop is not only disgusting, but it is also sacrilegious. Thou shalt not take any other gods before me is a commandment but here they are doing it so if they do believe they ought to know better and be ashamed. Another thought, let them all come and live in your homes and support them with your working dollars instead of expecting the American taxpayer to do it. But then again, most of them are probably welfare recipients who think the money grows on trees because having a job eludes them and they have no idea how the real world works.

  9. ILLEGALS are JUST that ILLEGAL and AGAINST the LAW! Is the law for LAWBREAKING? Who are these people who think they are owed a nation that gives them a free pass w/out due process and just lets the perverse and killers and murderers and all that offend and are the refuse of the world into this nation! These people come to this country because theirs is destroyed and IT DOES NOT work, so they come here to do the same! GO HOME UNLAWFUL and UNLEGAL! GET OUT!!!

  10. One thing is for sure, even the UNGODLY KNOW when GOD is in the matter, even when they reject who and what HE “SAID!”

  11. Why pretend ? Show us all, by actually doing it for REAL ! Go back home, all you CRIMINAL ILLEGALS !

  12. What in the dickens makes them think they have the right to come into our country? Let alone stage a protest. We have no obligation to receive them, they are illegals. If they have a legitimate reason for immigrating then they need to do it the correct way. They come here and soak up our housing, our medical care and other benefits when we have thousands and thousands of homeless living on our streets, many of whom are veterans. We don’t seem to be able to care for our own!!!!

  13. Illegal is criminal and regardless of what these criminals do or state to remain in our nation they must immediately be expelled. Enter legally or be treated as criminals. Not our problem nor responsibility. Those who believe these criminals must be treated humanly are free to leave with them.

  14. Jesus said a couple of things I believe are applicable.
    1. Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s.
    In other words, follow the laws of your country.
    2. The poor will always be with us.

  15. Why is coming here legally such a problem for these people. There’s a reason they chose not to. Maybe so they can work under the table for cash and not have to pay taxes like the rest of us have to, or maybe they’re criminals in their own country and are escaping here.

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