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Illegal Migrants Invade Malibu Beaches

A boat carrying an influx of undocumented migrants arrived at the affluent beach community of Malibu, California, where the median home price is a staggering $3.4 million. reported the landing, which delivered roughly 25 illegal migrants into California:

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) — Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are investigating a panga boat that sunk off the Malibu coast on Wednesday.

The U.S. Coast Guard got a call around 7:30 a.m. regarding the 25-foot-long vessel, which is often a type of boat used by human and drug smugglers.

Authorities found a debris field with life jackets and gas cans, but no one was there.

The landing was captured by a security camera:

The southern border with Mexico has predominantly been open to migrants searching for employment, consequently making it likely that the influx includes individuals who have already been deported or have criminal records.

Since 2021, the Biden administration has invited approximately six million undocumented foreign migrants into American households and workplaces, despite the financial detriment to ordinary citizens.

Malibu is situated along the coast north and west of Los Angeles and is home to many celebrities affiliated with Hollywood who vocally demonstrate their support of migrants. reported:

Of all the famous people in California, those who have homes in Malibu get to live in one of the most in-demand locations for those seeking privacy and luxury. With pristine beaches, sprawling estates, and majestic mountains, it’s no wonder that so many celebrities have homes in this Los Angeles County beach community. Malibu celebrity homes are some of the most beautiful in the area and can often only be accessed by private roads not open to the public. For these reasons, several famous actors, actresses, musicians, and comedians have made this Southern California city their home.

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  1. Yes they support illegal invaders until they invade their homes and then the private and public police are called to remove them to the areas inhabited by the “peons” that pay their exhorbatant wages in entertainment

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