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Infamous ‘Intel Letter’ Was Meant to Interfere in the 2020 Election

The email used to recruit Biden sycophants in order for them to lie to the American public about Hunter Biden’s laptop computer reveals the real reason for the letter and that is to interfere in the election. Former Obama-era CIA Director Mike Morell and current Secretary of State Antony Blinken have been revealed to be the driving forces behind the Democrat disinformation of Hunter’s laptop. In that letter, they beat around the bush. They claim the letter is to help Joe Biden win by throwing shade on the laptop story.

According to The Washington Examiner:

A recruitment email sent by Mike Morell, co-author of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop letter, wanted former intelligence officials to become signatories to help give Joe Biden a “talking point” during a crucial presidential debate against Donald Trump.

The revelation comes after Morell, the former Obama CIA acting director, admitted that now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken “triggered” him to write the October 2020 laptop letter.

The recruitment email from Morell was sent to former intelligence officials and included the laptop letter co-authored by him and former senior CIA operations officer Marc Polymeropoulos as an attachment.

The quoted language from the Morell email, sent on Oct. 18, 2020, was read to the Washington Examiner verbatim and identically by two independent sources who had access to the email.

The letter Morrell sent left nothing to the imagination. It was not sent to ge5t the truth out, but to interfere with the election by spreading lies. He explained that the letter was meant to give Biden a talking point at the debate when Trump brought up the Biden family corruption.

Here is a Democrat explaining ethics:

From RedState

Morell sent the email with an admission that the entire purpose was to provide a “talking point” for Biden to use. Sure enough, that’s exactly how it played out. Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s laptop at the debate in question, and Biden responded by claiming it was Russian disinformation, a claim that was bolstered by the supposed authority of all the intelligence officials who signed the letter.

It was a setup from the very beginning. No one who signed the letter was trying to get the truth out, which was the impression it was meant to give. Instead, the signatories were all part of an announced scheme to shift the outcome of the 2020 election by burying an immensely damaging story. A story, mind you, that implicated Joe Biden himself in possible corruption.

How can anyone possibly trust the intelligence community after this? They colluded and conspired to protect a degenerate like Hunter Biden in order to prop up a senile presidential candidate. The results of that have been predictable and disastrous.

If that’s not a case for gutting the federal bureaucracy, including some of the sacred cows within it that even the right usually protects, I don’t know what is. It’s clear that there is an entire class of government apparatchiks that believe they have an ordained right to manipulate and control the American people. That can’t be allowed to continue unabated.




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  1. The 51 really believed what they wrote, and they have the right to say what they believe. That is known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

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