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‘Insurrectionists, Weirdos, Freaks!’: Scarborough Has Meltdown Over People Investigating Hunter Biden

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” had a strong reaction on Thursday to those calling for an investigation into Hunter Biden. Trump-appointed Attorney David Weiss charged Hunter with illegal possession of a handgun while on drugs in 2018 and failing to pay federal taxes in 2017 and 2018.

The President’s son has agreed to plead guilty to the tax misdemeanors and entered a probation agreement for the gun charge; he is unlikely to serve any jail time.

Scarborough opened his monologue by expressing disappointment in the House censure of California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff from the night before. His co-host, Mehdi Hasan, suggested that Democrats should use any future majorities they have as leverage. Scarborough then shifted focus onto the Biden family. He expressed confusion at those who are calling for an investigation into Hunter Biden yet cannot name specific crimes that have been committed or provide evidence of wrongdoing:

“Donald Trump says elect me, I will weaponize the Justice Department…I do though – again, I do want to go back to Hunter Biden, though…Because what we always hear from these insurrectionists and these weirdos and these freaks is that there’s – there are crimes out there. They can never name a crime.”

He went on to point out that numerous articles in publications such as The New Yorker had thoroughly addressed this issue since 2019; not only was nothing illegal revealed but “perhaps unethical” behavior was discussed too.

Hasan added that Republicans were simply trying damage President Joe Biden’s reputation through their investigations – not taking action concerning health care costs or gas prices – rather than finding anything actually incriminating:

“I just want to keep reminding the American people – that they gave the Republicans a House majority…and this is what Republicans do with their majority, censure Adam Schiff, endlessly investigate Hunter Biden…They don’t care about people’s health care. They don’t care about people’s gas prices.”







3 Responses

  1. He’s a total plonker, I noticed he never mentioned any proof regarding the so call President Trump impeachments, even with the Russia-Gate absolutely nothing there, but if you are a Democrat it’s okay to make evidence up, then spend years trying to convince everyone it’s all true, but again we are talking about the Democrats, that still don’t realise the fact, that crap always floats to the surface over time, so everyone can see it for what it really is, but these paid Judis’s will sell their own mother for their peace’s of silver. I can always tell when they are telling lies, as it’s when their lips are moving!

  2. Joe: quit projecting. Weirdos, freaks? Pot, kettle, black.

    When are you going to lose that Gumby hairstyle?

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