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Internal Documents Show Biden Administration and DHS Knew Surge Was Coming to the Border

The current state of the Southern border has been a source of immense controversy, with many Americans suspecting that it is an intentional and designed crisis.

Reports have emerged of internal documents indicating that the Biden Administration and its Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were fully aware of the unprecedented surge coming to the southern border but took no action to prevent it. This gives further credence to those claims.

The situation at the Southern border is dire, with overcrowded facilities, children being held in cages, and reports of unsanitary conditions. It is an undeniable humanitarian disaster, one which could have been avoided had proper steps been taken by the Biden White House and DHS early on.

However, they chose not to take any action, leading some to believe that this crisis was intended all along.

There are multiple factors behind why this crisis has occurred now rather than earlier or later in President Biden’s term: namely his decision to reverse many Trump-era immigration policies upon taking office; his promises for more lenience towards asylum seekers; and signals from Democrats that they would be open to passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation if given control of Congress after 2020 elections.

These decisions have created a false sense among potential migrants who expected a more welcoming environment once Democrats regained power in Washington DC.

Whether or not this current crisis was intentional remains up for debate, however what cannot be denied is its devastating effects on both migrants attempting passage into the US as well as American citizens living near the southern border states where these facilities are located.

The Biden Administration must act swiftly and decisively if it hopes to restore order at our nation’s southern perimeter; if not, then history will judge them harshly for failing to address this growing humanitarian disaster before it spirals out of control entirely.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Biden Administration Knew Border Surge Was Coming, Internal Documents Show—And Did Nothing

The Department of Homeland Security was aware that a large population of migrants was preparing to cross the southern border months before a near-record number surged into the country this month, internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show—but appears to have taken no action to forestall an influx that has overwhelmed local officials across the United States.

The documents show that Mexican immigration authorities have seen a spike in apprehensions since May, an indication that border crossings were likely to rise, and that federal agencies documented a large buildup of migrants on the Mexican side of the border at the beginning of September.

The White House, which has struggled to counteract the surge of migrants that began when President Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, is pointing the finger at Republicans, arguing that GOP lawmakers in Congress are responsible for the problem because they have stymied the president’s proposals for immigration reform. But Biden’s problems on the southern border have put him at odds with Democratic officials, as Democratic leaders in cities like Chicago and New York have struggled to deal with tens of thousands of new arrivals, which are forcing lawmakers there to consider sharp budget cuts to pay for housing and other social services.

Republicans are primarily concentrating on the purported fiscal misdeeds of Biden, but they should not overlook that this is a breach of impeachment as well. It appears that Biden is deliberately causing damage to the country with his border initiatives.

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8 Responses

  1. They are still in office because American Citizens keep voting them in! If you keep voting in demoncraps and RINO republicruds this is what you get! No amount of complaining will stop it. Politicians are professional LIARS. They continually promise the moon but are only interested in advancing their own political agenda and wealth. Until we only vote in senators and congressmen that are honest expect nothing more.

  2. The only answer at this point is to close the border even if it take Military acton to do it. This cannot be sustained. Cut trade relations with Mexico until they get this mess worked out in their country.

  3. The Biden administration must act decisively if they hope to restore order at the southern border and not be judged in the future!!!!!!! Did this writer just say that???? This chaos at the border is exactly what they want. It is planned

  4. Votes, its all about votes for the democrats. Money for votes to fix the elections for the democrats. Free everything for the illegals as long as they vote democrat. Doesn’t matter their not citizens and not aloud to vote as our laws require. Democrats broke every other law so why would this one matter.

  5. The demonic reign of the Obama’s and puppet Joe and their minions. Thanks fir the 3rd world country, that you will wall off and use your millions to shield yourselves

  6. Exactly right! It’s all about votes. And locating “livable spaces (can’t have a Voter pass away before elections).” Afterwards, so-so! “Slo Joe, Don’t care!!! And “Let’s-Go-Brandon” is desperately allowing anything having two arms. two legs a “working head” and “still walking” alien to scurry across the Southern AND NORTHERN borders. Even infants are “fair game.” (You know, “Human trafficking,” is the moola angle to illegal immigration). Next, is “situating these new voters in livable spaces (with addresses),” to fill out new NATIONAL VOTING REGISTRATION forms to vote…and Hong Kong printers delivering ID’s to these newly minted voters…so, you see, there’s a GREAT DEAL OF HURRY to get as many NEW VOTERS LOCATED IN SWING STATES (all 8 and two others). Got IT??!! Voters, need addresses and ID’s. Boy, has “Let’s-Go-Brandon” got his CCP pals on board for 2024…even that Michigan (or is it Wisconsin???) chinese citizen in charge of data equipment and computing hardware is “back-in-the saddle” with fellow CCP’ers “picking-up-the-slack!” “Slo Joe,” has “The Fix” for 2024 all set-up, folks. New voters in key swing states, new addresses, new voter ID’s and even New Voter Registration forms in two languages…betcha didn’t know that either, HUH? Pray. Amen. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

  7. “Whether or not this current crisis was intentional remains up for debate,….” No debate required, it was an ‘intended’ INVASION. The newest chess piece to be moved is the one that would “Automatically register to vote” anyone given a driver’s license of state ID! That also is not debatable, as intentional to assure ‘one Party’ rule into eternity.

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