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Investigators Uncover Bowman Deception In Fire Alarm Probe

At the time Jamaal Bowman gave his excuse for pulling the fire alarm all I could think of was BS and now the results The investigation blew away his excuse that he was trying to open a nearby door. of the investigation proves he was not trying to make sure he voted, he was in hurry to get into a secret Democratic meeting. Funny he never mentioned the meeting in his investigation.

A video that shows him pulling the alarm showed that he never even looked at the door, he just walked away. If this had been Jim Jordan or James Comer, they would be shot at sunrise. The RINOs wanted Bowman to get a slap on the wrist as opposed to removing him from the House. Bowman, a former middle school principal and member of the leftist “Squad,” was actually leaving to attend an emergency Democratic caucus meeting.

The “exchange demonstrates that although Rep. Bowman may have initially believed a vote on the continuing resolution was imminent, however, Bowman’s Chief of Stff made Bowman aware of the meeting.  The middle school where Bowman had been principal had a guide for student rules that included a rule that stated anyone who set off a fire alarm when there was no  fire would be expelled.

The report said:

“In light of this evidence, the OCE finds the explanation provided by Rep. Bowman’s official statement and those published by his staff to be less than credible or otherwise misleading.”

“OCE staff obtained evidence appearing to contradict Rep. Bowman’s claim that he mistakenly activated the fire alarm. Surveillance video obtained by the OCE shows Rep. Bowman deliberately pulling the fire alarm lever without ever looking back to determine whether the alarm facilitated the opening of the emergency doors. Indeed … Rep. Bowman casually walked away from the secured area upon triggering the fire alarm, appearing seemingly disinterested in actually departing through the exit.”

From The Daily Wire

Because the OCE’s board found there was not “substantial reason to believe that Rep. Bowman may have obstructed or attempted to impede an official House proceeding,” it recommended the committee dismiss the allegation. But the board did vouch for further review of the allegation that Bowman “willfully and knowingly gave a false alarm of fire in the District of Columbia.”

Bowman also said in his official statement that he “mistakenly” activated the fire alarm “thinking it would open the door,” another claim disputed by the OCE report.

The OCE report was published on Thursday by House Ethics Committee. Although the panel declined to open a probe in November, Ethics Chairman Michael Guest (R-MS) and ranking member Susan Wild (D-PA) explained on Thursday that some members wanted to wait on taking action until OCE made its referral. They said OCE submitted the referral in December, shortly after the GOP-led House voting in December to formally rebuke Bowman over the fire alarm incident. And that ended up being the deciding factor for the panel not to move forward.

“In light of the House’s intervening censure of Representative Bowman, the Committee determined that further review of Representative Bowman’s conduct would be moot,” the leaders said, adding that their panel “separately confirmed that Representative Bowman has complied with the relevant terms of his deferred sentencing agreement” from a plea deal on a misdemeanor count of falsely pulling a fire alarm. Citing house rules, the leaders said their panel would not review the matter further.




4 Responses

  1. Just another Black person criminal corrupt crooked politicians getting away with criminal charges.
    The justice in this government is so corrupt this country will be destroyed by these politicians for ever.
    America wake up before it’s to late time to take back our country from corrupt government officials.
    Look at all the Black government officials getting caught in corrupt criminal crimes you keep putting
    These low ranking people in powerful positions to cheat our rights to free Americans. We need a complete new government now. In 79 years never seen anything like this crap in America. FJB

    1. I agree with Ty. A revolution where we go back to nothing but the Constitution with all other departments dissolved other than the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and the Presidency. After that, we hold elections for 100% of office holders for those positions with paper ballots and no machines.
      The corruption in today’s government has gone too far for any one person to fix. Donald Trump tried to eliminate the Deep State but it never happened and it is just too big to happen… we need to start over.

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