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CBS Reporter Challenges Dem Lawmaker’s Deceiving Spin On Devon Archer Testimony

CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge raised concerns on Thursday regarding Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) providing misleading information to reporters concerning Devon Archer’s closed-door testimony.

After Archer testified on Monday, Goldman told reporters that Archer’s testimony exonerated President Joe Biden from allegations of corruption.

In one instance, Goldman claimed that Archer, a former close friend and business associate of Hunter Biden’s, testified that Hunter would use the “illusion of access” to business partners to close deals.

Goldman said, according to CBS News:

His exact testimony was that Hunter Biden possessed actual experience and contacts in Washington, D.C., in the political sphere, in the lobbying sphere, in the executive branch, and that that is ultimately what he was providing to Burisma.

But in return for pressure from Burisma, he had to give the illusion — he used that term, the illusion — of access to his father, and he tried to get credit for things that he, that Mr. Archer testified Hunter had nothing to do with, such as when Vice President Biden went to Ukraine on his own.

But on Thursday, the transcript of Archer’s testimony was released — and it showed that Goldman, not Archer, used that phrase.

“In fact, when you look at the transcript, what you see is that phrase ‘illusion of access’ is in Dan Goldman’s question,” Herridge reported on CBS. “It’s actually not what Devon Archer testified to.”

The transcript of Archer’s testimony has raised serious questions regarding the Biden narrative.

For many years, Biden maintained that he had never been involved in his son’s business dealings and had not even discussed business with him.

However, Archer’s testimony indicates that Biden did indeed have contact with Hunter’s business associates.

While defenders of the former Vice President insist any conversations were merely casual small talk unrelated to business, it is unclear what exactly transpired during those meetings.

In response to this revelation, the White House has stated that Biden “was never in business with his son.”




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    1. Apparently the treat of DEATH is keeping the Media from the story of their lifetime for whomever breaks it

  1. A democrat lying to coverup another Biden failure isn’t really a “stop the press” moment or unusual

  2. Of course the Communist Democrats will tell the American citizens that China operative Joe Biden is innocent of all charges, so what else is new.
    With a Communist Judge, a Communist Democrat supporting Jury, and a closed court so nobody can see or hear.
    But they go after President Trump on shear bullshit.!!

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