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J6 Witness Cassidy Hutchinson’s Claim Attorney Pressed Her to ‘Protect’ Trump Now In Question

A lawsuit filed by Cassidy Hutchinson’s former attorney casts doubt on her public claims made during her testimony before the Democrat-controlled committee.

Just the News reports that the suit also includes text messages suggesting that she was reluctant to cooperate with the investigation and planned to share information about the committee’s proceedings independently of her lawyer.

These texts were sent prior to her first closed-door interview with the special committee and preceded Hutchinson’s revised version of events after splitting from her first lawyer, Stefan Passantino.

She alleged at this time that Passantino had forced her to remain “loyal” to former President Donald Trump.

The texts have been included as evidence in Passantino’s lawsuit against Andrew Weissmann, an MSNBC legal analyst, former prosecutor and deputy Special Counsel Robert Mueller, alleging Weissmann “publicly impugned [Passantino’s reputation], claiming that Mr. Passantino coached his client, Cassidy Hutchinson, to lie in congressional testimony.”

“This is an insidious lie,” the lawsuit claims. “Mr. Passantino never coached Ms. Hutchinson to lie, nor did he attempt to shape her testimony in any way.”

Texts purportedly from Hutchinson also appear to indicate that the former aide to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, initially acknowledged her reluctance to cooperate with the committee, despite Passantino’s encouragement for her to do so, Just the News reported.

“Like how on earth are they doing this to you,” one unidentified person asked the former Trump White House aide.

“I don’t know. But I don’t want to comply. Stefan wants me to comply,” Hutchinson replied.

A lawsuit recently filed by former attorney Stefan Passantino of Cassidy Hutchinson, a witness to the events of January 6, appears to contradict claims made by Hutchinson during her testimony before the Democrat-controlled committee.

According to Just The News, the suit also includes text messages which suggest that Hutchinson did not want to comply with the investigation and was preparing to leak information about the committee’s proceedings independently from her lawyer.

These texts date back prior to her initial closed-door interview with the special committee.

They preceded her revised account of events after parting ways with Passantino – in which she claimed he had pressured her into remaining “loyal” to Donald Trump.

The texts have been presented as evidence in Passantino’s lawsuit against Andrew Weissmann, an MSNBC legal analyst and former prosecutor who is accused of publicly impugning Passantino’s reputation by claiming that he had coached his client to lie in congressional testimony.

“So I want to. Stefan wants to wait till after my depo. I have to go in person next Tuesday. He doesn’t think the committee will leak it (“they promised they won’t”) but I don’t trust them,” Hutchinson said to an unknown individual. “And I want it to be my/our narrative that’s out there first,” she added.

In a separate text to an unidentified recipient seeking information about potential funding for her legal representation, Hutchinson brushed off the committee’s inquiry as ridiculous.

“I’m on a high timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs,” Hutchinson said.

Just the News added that the outlet “reported this week that Hutchinson significantly amended her original February 2022 recounting of events before the committee, through both follow-up interviews and an errata sheet submitted to the committee in September of 2022 and cited pressure from Passantino as the main motivation for withholding information.”

“Before retaining my new lawyers, at times I had told less than the whole truth to a congressional committee charged with investigating a matter of the highest national importance, a matter that posed a threat to America’s future greatness,” Hutchinson wrote in her memoir,” “Enough.” “I had withheld information about events that I had witnessed or that had been recounted to me by witnesses.”

During a follow-up interview with the January 6 Committee in September 2022, after obtaining a new legal team, Hutchinson provided further details regarding her claims that Passantino had exerted pressure upon her.

“You’re not lying if you say you don’t recall,” she claimed Passantino said as she prepped for her first interview with the J6 committee.

“Everything’s going to be OK. We’re taking care of you,” Passantino said allegedly, according to Hutchinson. “Just downplay your position … It’s not fair that Mark [Meadows] put you in this position. We just want to focus on protecting the president. We all know you’re loyal. Let’s just get you in and out, and this day will be easy, I promise.”

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  1. It no longer amazes me when these people show up to do their best at ‘dog whistling’ to defame, besmirch, denigrate ignorantly, anyone they, most likely, get paid to do. America’s culture has been so degraded that few have any relationship with “integrity,” “honor,” or the “truth!”

    What has long been the accepted screed, “When America Is No Longer Good, America Will No Longer Be Great?” As Mark Levin has stated, “America is not approaching the abyss, America is already in the abyss.”

    1. In the abyss and falling fast with paid liars like these. I at times even believe that the shooters in mass shootings are paid by the left trying to get the population to disarm legal owners and make it illegal to defend ones self against criminals and dictators

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