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Jack Smith Makes New Move After Trump Seeks Delay In Classified Docs Case

Special Counsel Jack Smith expressed dissatisfaction with former President Donald Trump’s request for a months-long delay in his classified documents case.

In a motion, the prosecutor stated that such a request “threatens to upend the entire schedule” and effectively amounts to a motion for postponement of the trial until May 20, 2024.

Smith responded to the assertion from Trump’s legal team that pre-trial hearing deadlines should be extended in order to address any legal issues, such as an application for a protective order concerning Trump’s remarks regarding witnesses and jurors.

Smith indicated that, while he was willing to accept a brief delay, he thought that Trump’s request for additional time was excessive.

This statement pertains to the accusation against Trump of unlawfully storing classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

“Instead, defendants argue for a schedule that would delay proceedings by over three months,” the motion stated.

Smith said that Trump’s arguments, “overstate the complexity of anticipated pre-trial discovery litigation, and are meritless in any event. The defendants already have more than sufficient discovery to provide the Court with a description of the type of information they consider relevant and helpful. The defendants’ motion can and should be denied on this ground alone.”

Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan is advocating for the GOP to prioritize achieving policy objectives rather than sparring over budget components.

In an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Jordan noted that there are under seven days left until the government’s funding deadline and just four of the twelve appropriations bills required to set the budget for the upcoming fiscal year have been presented.

The Ohio Republican proposed introducing legislation that could potentially reduce or eliminate funding for Special Counsel Jack Smith’s operation in a spending bill.

“Well, there’s been, there’s been a fight over the number. What level we’re actually going to fund at? Look, I want to reduce spending too. I know what the debt problem is. But in a divided government, there’s been a number that’s agreed on to fund the government,” Jordan said.

“And frankly, it’s less than the year before, which is, which is a huge step when you got divided when, when, when we control one-half of one-third of the government by five votes. And we’ve actually got to negotiate a number that’s less than Joe Biden and the Democrats spent last year. I think that’s a win. So let’s hold on to that number if we can. There’s some, there’s some debate within our conference, and I get that, let’s hold on to that number if we can. But let’s win the policies,” he added.

“The other policy frankly, we should consider putting on these bills is the policy that says you can’t, you can’t fund the attack on your political opponent, which is exactly what Joe Biden is doing when he’s funding this Jack Smith operation going after his political opponent,” Jordan continued.

Jordan also addressed the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, with estimates indicating that over two million immigrants have entered and been released since President Joe Biden took office.

According to Operation Lone Star’s most recent report, a multi-agency program dedicated to combatting illegal crossings along the Texas border, more than 457,500 illegal immigrant apprehensions have occurred since March 2021.

“Well, everyone wants to get the 12 appropriation bills done. I’m all for that, that’s how we should operate, but, frankly, we’re not going to get it done in the next six days, so there’s going to have to be some stopgap measure,” Jordan said.

“The speaker has said: ‘Let’s go for a 30-day [continuing resolution], but let’s win some policies when we do it, let’s do something that actually benefits the entire country.’ And everyone knows what that issue is. This is literally politics 101. One really good issue beats fifteen pretty good issues every single time, and the one really good issue right now is the problem on our border,” he explained.

“And, again, Maria, if we say no money can be used to process or release any new migrants into the country, we’re going to stop it, we’re going to fix the problem, we send it over there, and Chuck Schumer says no to it, then he’s in essence saying it’s more important to shut down the government than it is to secure our border,” Jordan reasoned as he explained what will likely transpire this week. “I don’t think the American people are there.”

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4 Responses

  1. Schumer should be rmoved fomr the Senate as he has priven himself as a Stuge for Pelosi with his head so far up her tutu that it leaves rings around his neck. He is not thinking of what is best for the country, only what is best for democratic politicians.

  2. Little Jack Smith proves again he is nothing but a whiney pansy a** little tyrant wannabe who has never produced anything positive in his life. And several of the convictions he has secured have been overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct including illegally hiding evidence from the defense. But Democrats don’t care about that as long as little Jack and the 2 Trump hating bimbos in other cases can secure convictions and they don’t even care if Trump gets true justice and every charge he is found guilty of is overturned. Just convicting him is their goal.
    And you know, the more I see of Trump’s persecution I make a comparison. I do not equate this to the crucifixion of Jesus, but I see a parallel. The establishment Jews didn’t like what Jesus was teaching and questioning their authority so they coerced Pontius Pilot into executing Him. Because Trump is not one of them, cannot be controlled by them and is diametrically opposed to them, Trump is being persecuted by the Washington establishment and they would execute him if they thought they could get away with it. Good thing Trump isn’t one of Clintons’ friends.

  3. Jack Smith is a incompetent lump of human flesh, who looks like an arm pit with eyes. Just look at his record and you will see how dishonest he is.

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