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Jake Tapper Agrees With Guest That We Need More Censorship

A new call to ramp up censorship on social media platforms ahead of the 2024 election is making its way around the legacy media.

CNN host Jake Tapper, and Frances Haugen, a self-proclaimed whistleblower who worked at Facebook, said on Thursday that Facebook should ramp up censorship to “weed out the Nazis” with the “trillions” of dollars the company is worth, ahead of the 2024 election.

“They are worth… trillions of dollars,” Jake Tapper said to Haugen, a former Facebook employee who called for more censorship during 2021 testimony in front of a Senate committee, painting herself as a whistleblower concerned about the spread of misinformation. “They can hire more people to, you know, to weed out the Nazis and take down misinformation and all that. Why don’t they?”

“We have a problem right now that’s pretty simple: We require companies like Facebook to report their profit and their loss numbers and their expenses, like how they got to the profits, but don’t require them to report the social side of the ledger,” Haugen told Tapper. “And if there are consequences like danger to elections, voter disenfranchisement, influence operations, all those things are invisible in quarterfinal reports.”

The notion that companies like Facebook should be able to rack up profits without having to account for the consequences of their actions just doesn’t sit well with these far-left kooks.

In October 2020, we saw firsthand how social media companies suppressed so-called “misinformation” when Twitter censored a New York Post report on a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

This type of censorship has been further exposed by Elon Musk after he completed his purchase of Twitter on Oct. 27 and began massive layoffs shortly thereafter in order to make the company profitable.

Journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss and Michael Shellenberger all reported on these issues based on documents released by Musk himself which indicates that transparency on matters such as this one is necessary in order to restore public trust.

The White House also weighed in during January 2021 when they pressed Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson over Carlson claiming that COVID-19 vaccines did not work – an action which was made known through documents released by Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

This shows how far some people are willing to go in order to establish control over information flow – something which could inevitably lead us down a dark path if left unchecked.

It is essential that conservatives remain vigilant against any attempts at undermining free speech or curtailing freedom of expression online.

It is too easy for those with power or influence to manipulate news sources in order suit their own agendas. It should go without saying that we need strong safeguards against this kind of activity going forward if free speech is going to survive.




10 Responses

  1. Are you a journalist or a political operative, if you censor speech to influence elections? If you are a political operative do you have the right to the protections journalists enjoy over their speech that most citizens do not have? Just because you call yourself a journalist is like many who call themselves Christians yet vote like heathens and encourage sin, journalist likewise say they support free speech yet censor other peoples speech.

  2. Tapper and his ilk are the NAZIs just trying to deflect. NAZIs like Tapper and the other Demonrats don’t follow the constitution like real Americans do.

  3. The Nazi’s are the Democrats. No conservative outlet is saying to shut down the Nazi left. Why is the left trying to shut down the right? Some one answer this question. The left is scared of the right because there are more of us then there is of them. If they were not scared of us then they would be debating us.

  4. You must understand that the Left HAS to create Right-wing villains… because all the really evil dudes in the 20th Century were all Leftists. Do you think Hitler LIED about the “Socialist” part in the acronym “NAZI” meaning “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    THIS is why the Leftists need to deem Hitler to be a Right-winger.
    Remember that ‘Progressive’ is a euphemism for Liberal, which is another euphemism for Socialist, which is another euphemism for Communist.
    Hitler rose to power just like Lenin (promising freedom but knowing it would be a dictatorship) (Guess who burned the Reichstag?) The government took away the citizen’s guns… rounded-up Jews and Gypsies for slavery and extermination… took control of businesses… established a quota system for agriculture… murdered opponents… thoroughly indoctrinated Arian children to be good Party Members… attacked Christianity and sent Christian resistors to the same Death Camps… the State became all-important and omnipotent… the voiceless, defenseless citizens suffered. As Left as Left could be.
    Much of this was the same with Mao’s China and Mussolini’s Italy.

    Hitler’s party and Mussolini’s party were of the far-LEFTIST kind – as their names unmistakably state:
    1) Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei = German National SOCIALIST Workers Party.
    2) Partito Sozialista Italiano = Italian SOCIALIST Party.

    But today’s Leftist academics preach that they were the OPPOSITE.
    Then please explain why Russia was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” and the NAZI’s were the “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party”?
    “Oh, well, never mind that… the NAZI’s weren’t REALLY socialists… it was just a different kind of socialism… it was, Ummm… say… did you see the ball game last night??”
    Nazism is an abbreviation of “National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party” and for decades, Mussolini was a socialist until he learned that Italians would respond to collectivism better when associated with Italy rather than the “International Proletariat”. There is not a penny’s difference between Communism, Fascism, and Socialism except Fascism is nationality-aimed, and Communism and Socialism are internationally aimed. In the end, it does not matter. They ALL want to rule your life.
    As simple as it gets:
    RIGHT: Government exists to obey and support the goals of The People.
    LEFT: People exist to obey and support the goals of The Government.

  5. Section 230 takes away any responsibility by the social media companies for anything written by the people on their site.
    Asking them to police their subscribers, but giving them protection from what they post isn’t compatible. Pick a side.

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