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James Comey: Believes Obama Knew About Biden Graft But Kept His Mouth Shut

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) believes that Barack Obama know about the graft money the Bidens were receiving during his presidency, but that he chose to ignore it because it would have reflected badly on him.

Most of the cover-ups of Biden’s crimes were instituted by Obama appointees. It is unlikely that Obama didn’t know, because someone would have tipped him off that Joe had his fingers in the cash register.

Comer said:

“He knew his son [Hunter Biden] was no good, and he knew this was nothing but a political liability not just for our country, not just for the democrat party, but for Obama’s legacy. Because a lot of this happened during the Obama administration.”

“I think that’s why Obama didn’t want Joe Biden to run for president. I think they knew about this. And remember, a lot of these coverups would have happened during the Obama administration with Obama appointees in these deep state bureaucracies.”

From Townhall

While referring to payments worth millions that the Biden family had received through their overseas business ventures, Comer told Lou Dobbs on the “Great America Show” that Obama was fully aware of “what Joe Biden was doing the last year of his vice presidency,” but chose to ignore it. 

Earlier this week, Comer revealed that the Biden family received over $10 million from money schemes in Romania and China in return for what appears to be influence peddling. He also said the committee had discovered a dozen more LLCs involved in money laundering. 

The Republican also suggested that because Obama knew of Biden’s sketchy business operations, it was the reason why the former president didn’t want the 80-year-old to run in 2020. 

The GOP-led probe is demanding to know why the federal government refuses to investigate the high-level corruption the Biden family has committed. Comer said that all evidence points to the fact that Biden lied and that he and nine other family members did receive money from China. 

Comer said on Wednesday:

“While Vice President Biden was lecturing Romania on anti-corruption policy, in reality, he was a walking billboard for his son and family to collect money.” 

He alleged that no other president has been involved in such crimes and that China and Romania—two countries where Biden helped lead U.S. policy during the Obama-Biden Administration— are just some countries Biden has illegally been making money from.

Biden is much worse than Nixon. Nixon might have sold China the Brooklyn Bridge, but Biden would have sold them, Brooklyn.

You know Biden was not involved in Watergate because there would have been no witnesses. Biden would have made them an offer that he didn’t understand.

Joe Biden is like the Catholic church. They both welcome all denominations, but they like the seven-digit denominations the best.




8 Responses

  1. You mean like Obama knew about Hillary’s unsecured private e-mail server? And knew about the fake Russia/Trump collusion story bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC?

  2. Obama blew his chance to look like a hero. Covering for the crook makes him look guilty too….at least he had to be an accomplice along with all of the DOJ, FBI, Clinton, machines, etc.

  3. Comer is speculating; maybe rightly, but still his speculations are unproven.
    There’s nothing in the story that says Obama admitted to knowing about Biden’s graft.

  4. No admission of anything. Only allegations. Completely believable. The best way to validate? Submit to the DOJ. If they refuse to investigate and start a prosecution of Comer, it is a sure thing that the allegations are true.

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