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Jane Fonda Wants Pro-Lifers Murdered for Their Stance on Abortion

On Friday, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda called for pro-life activists and politicians to be murdered for their stance on abortion.

That’s right, if you don’t think it’s right for unborn babies to be murdered in their mother’s womb, then Fonda thinks you should be murdered instead. What a sick way of thinking.

During her appearance on ABC’s “The View,” she was asked by co-host Joy Behar, “Besides marching and protesting, what else do you suggest?”

“MURDER,” Fonda replied.

“What did you say?” Tomlin asked, stunned.

“MURDER!” Fonda repeated herself.


This is not the first time people have been shocked to hear how Fonda feels on controversial topics.

For example, in 1972 she actually applauded an NVA anti-aircraft gun crew while she was in North Vietnam. She literally praised guns that were used to shoot down American planes and contributed to deaths of American Airmen.

Another time, Fonda said, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist.”


The madness continues….in 2020, she actually referred to COVID-19 as “God’s gift to the left.”

“What a great gift! What a tremendous opportunity! We’re just so lucky! — And I just think that Covid is God’s gift to the Left,” she said through laughter.

“That’s a terrible thing to say. I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the band-aid off who [Trump] is and what he stands for and what is being done to average people and working people in this country.”

What an evil excuse of a person. She basically wishes illness and death on anyone that does not share the same demented opinions that she does. Don’t agree with abortion? Murder. You like Trump? Death. You like your eggs scrambled instead of fried? Off with your head!




37 Responses

  1. I’ll take the bitch out for free, just for target practice . I might have given her the Dirty Sanchez in times past, now she’s a stain on mankind.

  2. She should have been hanged when she returned from Hanoi. This country keeps tripping itself up by allowing filth like this bytch to live amongst the rest of us real Americans….


    And she would like her buddies, the North Vietnamese Communists, to do it.

  4. Hanoi Jane is a pig that should be turned into pork chops. While her fat behind was planted on one of those NVA anti-air missiles my big brother was being shot down. The only reason she was allowed back into his country was because of her father. She is a traitor to our country!!

  5. Too bad that “retro-active birth control” (a/k/a abortion) could not claim Ms. Fonda – if she is so pro-abortion, she should be it’s first recipient.

    1. No, Pia, that’s NOT “abortion”. The left has long since corrupted the meaning of that word, which is, in fact, the process of a mother’s body protecting itself from a dead & starting to decay infant in utero, which many mislabel “miscarriage”; that term more properly applied to a premature birth. What “Hanoi” Jane is talking about is the cold- blooded conspiracy to murder a live infant in utero, in ways that, should we use them on the worst criminals imaginable, would cause such an outcry of abuse, it would be heard ’round the world, no audio equipment needed! It’s the most inhumane butchery you can imagine! As a nurse, now retired, but I sure wasn’t in ’73, no power on Earth could’ve made me participate in that; neither will I sugarcoat the feticides/infanticide committed at those human butcher shops. It was hard enough caring for mothers who suffered actual abortions; mothers who wanted their babies, but lost them. Even at 8 wks’ gestation, there is no mistaking an human baby for a “tumor” or amorphous “clump of cells”.
      That said, I tend to agree that the ones advocating the murder of unborn babies are the ones we should be putting to death, including the callous “mother’s” instigating the conspiracies to murder their children. Anyone else conspiring to murder would be…

  6. You didn’t need the purple hair to prove you’re a mental patient.
    You revealed yourself back in the 60’s when I was a toddler.

  7. All you can say about Jane Fonda is that only the Ugly and Bad entered her mothers womb and the Good ran down her leg.

  8. Jane, I am shocked, I thought you were a born again Christian now.
    That’s not the way to go for a Christian. Shame on you, Jane.

  9. That ugly witch should have been locked up years ago for murder and treason. All her talk about abortion she should have been. The world would have been a lot better off for it.

  10. Yep, she believes in MURDER as an acceptable response to anything. My mom never liked her for her statement about military.

  11. If only their parents had believed as they do, we would be spared the homicidal ravings of these proponents of abortion and infanticide.

  12. Nobody can say that Americans aren’t tolerant. It’s been many decades since Hanoi Jane sat on a North Vietnamese Antaircraft Gun, but the “millions” of her detractors have probably not forgiven her, but still they let her live. However, she still persists and fails to show any remorse to those she has harmed.

    1. Totally agree my brother was in Vietnam when she did her crap stunts and was called Hanoi Jane and then she protested here in the states when the ones that served in Vietnam were being killed and captured . She is the most pathetic human i have ever seen in my life time . I have no use for this brainless person and her so called rants against war or anything else . What in the world did she think the Vietnam prisoners were doing . living a life of luxury. They were being treated like sewer rats or worse. Being tortured and being starved . She now is on the abortion rants. Murder anyone that does not agree with her on abortion. Wow . She is a looney moron . COMUNIST i guess . what ever i can not stand this woman .

    2. She didn’t just pose on a communist AA gun that shot down American aircraft, she toured a prison camp as a communist propagandist and turned over the notes the POW’s gave her to let their families know they were alive to the VC guards. Many of the POW’s were beaten to death, tortured and maimed for trusting this evil filthy oxygen wasting meatsock. And no, the evil traitor has NEVER apologized or been held to account for her actions.

    3. No, I can assure you she has not been forgotten, nor has her treason been. Forgiven, yes, but as she continues on that same path, not at all forgotten as an enemy of America. Neither have I forgotten a very nervous 4th of July, when she & friends threatened to come desecrate the replica Iwo statue at the main gate to MCDEC Quantico… I had duty & OR call that weekend, & had to pass that gate to reach USNH Quantico, several times at least, around which the woods were crawling with heavily armed Marines, to insure no one touched that statue, as they had done over Memorial Day weekend to the Green Beret statue at Ft Bragg. She is not at all liked by Vietnam vets.

  13. She’s not happy with all the arm service personnel she got murder in Nam so she wants to murder more. Good for you and the others on the view you filthy bitch traitor.

  14. This “thing” has been sick all her life. She never had any morals and loved showing her self to the world. But that is what money can do for you.

  15. I’ll never forgive the bitch for what she did in viet nam when my brother was over there fighting. She’s. A Communist and deserves to be stung up.

  16. Traitor
    Communist collaborator
    America hater
    Baby killer
    Paid escort
    Murderous psychopath
    Poster child dimoKKKrat.

  17. Tell ya what jane. I am 62 years old and I walk with five braces and a cane that is when I Can walk. So if you and Joyless Butthead think you can “off” me because I dont believe in abortion…when you start feeling froggy start hopping and I will rid the world of two loudmouthed inbred wastes of oxygen. let me know when you want to start and I will give you my address for you to meet me in Toledo Ohio. Just a fair warning though, I stand 6ft 3 inches and weight 265 pounds of muscle and I was an unarmed hand to hand combat instruction with a secondary in demolition and cross trained in weapons. I can deal with you two bi-yatchs in less then 5 seconds and not break a sweat so if you feel froggy, make sure you have your funeral all planned out before coming to see me.

  18. Hanoijanebitch should have been tried and executed, in the 1970s, for her treasonous actions in Vietnam! By the way, there is NO “time limit” on punishment for treason, so she should shut her pie hole, before too many start complaining that her “just desserts and punishment” are overdue!

  19. She’s a no good B##CH that enjoys riling people up the wrong way .I think she gets off on this .Being on the view is where moronic people like her love to be.

  20. Hanoi Jane should keep her mouth shut GO BACK to your country, YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN

  21. These left wingers need to go the way that “Hanoi” Jane just said about Pro-Life activists. Maybe MURDER would be way too good fer her.

  22. The advantage to being a celebrity is that no matter how stupid your comments, people will pay attention.

  23. Here’s a suggestion, a simple contraceptive would prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but the Lefties never mention that. Also, we the people pay for most of those abortions when the mothers are on the welfare system. Some have multiple abortions.

  24. When somebody takes a potshot at this mental midget she will crawl back into her basement and cry; Why me? She has been out of the news for so long that she needs to say something stupid that will get her back in the news. She craves attention and the dimwits at the view is just the place to go for just that nimrod attention. I hope she lives her life in total anonymity and everybody forgets who this moron is as she craves the attention that she doesn’t deserve. I hope she dies of old age in her basement of old age and regrets her choices of the damage she has done to this country. I also hope all the ladies of the view suffer the same fate.
    Since Goldberg hates whites, why did she marry Ted Dansing? (sp?)

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