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Jill Biden Jets to Africa, Continues Ignoring Americans Suffering in East Palestine, Ohio

President Joe Biden not only denied Governor Mike DeWine’s request for federal aid to clean up the hazardous chemical train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, but he then traveled to Ukraine on Monday and pledged another $500 million to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

On Tuesday, First Lady Jill Biden departed for a trip to Africa, with granddaughter Naomi Biden in tow.

Neither of the Bides have so much as offered a comforting word to the Americans in Ohio, and around the spill, who do not even have clean water to drink or bathe in.

The Associated Press reports:

Jill Biden headed for Africa on Tuesday, first stop Namibia, declaring as she departed Washington that she had “a lot to accomplish” during a five-day visit focused on empowering women and young people and addressing food insecurity.

The first lady’s visit to Namibia and Kenya is part of a push by the United States to step up engagement with Africa as a counterweight to China’s influence on the continent.

Biden, who teaches English and writing at a community college, said she dashed home from class with only an hour to spare before she needed to depart on the trip. She headed out a day before her husband gets back from his surprise trip to Ukraine and a scheduled visit to Poland.

“This whole trip will be exciting and we have a lot to accomplish,” she said.

Granddaughter Naomi Biden is accompanying the first lady on the trip.

President Joe Biden told African leaders who came to Washington for a summit last year that the U.S. is “all in” on the continent’s future and announced that he, his wife, the vice president and several members of his Cabinet would travel to Africa this year. He joked that the leaders would get tired of hosting everyone.

So exciting. Taking trips all over the world while the very people you are supposed to be representing are suffering.

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27 Responses

  1. So she’s turning her back on OHIO, cause she cant look at Joes handiwork, but can go to Africa and look at Gates’s?

  2. Why is this woman permitted to waste our tax funds to take a trip with her granddaughter? Is this the way this administration choses to waste our funds?
    Donating millions to folks in Ukraine to sustain them. billions for their war, and vacation’s for his family. Are we, American taxpayers on earth to supplement the world while our people are suffering? Charity begins at home. Are we slaves to the world to sustain and protect them.

    the same for equipement, when

    1. What funds? We don’t have any funds after Old Joe has given away everything including the Kitchen Sink. In his mind he is in cats seat to direct billions of dollars to others who have agreed to help feather his nest back home with kickbacks. Joe Biden is worse than George Soros because at least George Soros isn’t giving our money away. In just over 2 years look at the condition of our economy, the state of our union where people are basically abandoning democratic controlled areas and cities due to over taxation and regulation not to mention the so called different Woke crowds that represent very small percentages of our population. Look at the massive wave of illegal immigration of God only knows what Nation they come from, plus we have to take care of them with shelter, food, welfare, medical and more. Our citizens should come first but even our veterans suffer with no care. Joe Biden does not care. He lies every time he talks, he is on the take, he is selling national secrets to the Chinese, he is owned by the Chinese. He is also owned by the Ukrainians as we pour money in their so he can get his 10% back to the big guy. His son is protected even though we have the goods on his illegal operations, kick backs, nonpayment of taxes due, and almost insulting answers to Congress. Now Jill head to Africa, WHY? Spending more of our tax dollars and pushing us into an position, if we have not already passed it, of financial collapse. The Republicans better start acting to get him removed from office or by the time the next election comes around we won’t need one in the collapsed ecomomy, society which will have dropped to being attacked from illegals and criminals so you better be armed, our food supply will be nill so you better start stocking up on emergency rations and seeds. This Nation is in danger and Biden is playing Nero while it burns.

    2. don’t you know bc she’s a dr – yeah of dr of stupidity. she and her flaky husband don’t give a fig about people – yet the supporters just don’t get it. also, joe is an imposter

    3. Yes we are slaves to the world and have been for my 82 years. Even though we have sent trillions of support to foreign nations we are still hated. We have saved the world twice from being enslaved both in WW-1 but mostly WW-2 at a huge cost. After the war we rebuilt Europe with our taxes and still we have never gotten the credit due.

  3. They need someone to take over for Hunter since he is found out. The granddaughter can take over the family business if she stays clean and doesn’t leave her laptop somewhere!

  4. Biden is the worst thing to happen to the American people
    He goes to the Ukraine instead of going to Ohio to help with the problem that we are facing
    Then his wife takes a vacation to Africa.
    Not a good president or human being

  5. It’s high time for the Biden’s to be replaced with someone who loves and cares for America.

    1. Hope he is not running for a second term it would be terrible should WW3 start under his Presidency! He is so compromised with his private dealings in Ukraine and China, nobody takes him serious anymore, the USA would loose should WW3 get started under his non existing leadership. May God help us!

    2. Agree!!!! Amazing how they can help other Countries and not the one that they are “supposedly” representing. Ohio needs money, and Biden is giving it to Countries that don’t care for us, except for what we can give them.

  6. is kamalas husband going along on this trip?

    the SOTUS kiss was an indicator of preferred companionship.

  7. Lets see here, Biden Takes $500,000,000.00 to Ukraine and gets his 10% cut of $50,000,000.00, sounds about right for the BCF. Jill, well she heard about the Longding tribe and wants to offer them something too. They seem to screw everyone any time, anyplace, for any reason.

  8. SP***liberals exploded in rage when a black or Latino man does not toe the line for the Democrat Party because minorities are political PAWNS and they do not realize it. But!!! More people in the Black/Latino community are starting to see the truth about the new commies’ Democrats like the Biden family and the good sons as an example of fatherhood pride

  9. It makes me sick that Biden is falling all over Ukraine and expressing his love. If liberals can’t see that Biden hates America, there is something very seriously wrong with their heads. Wake up liberals. America is being destroyed and YOU ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN.

  10. Why do you think O’Biden promised Ukraine $500 million dollars? it’s so that Ukraine can launder the money back to the O’Biden’s kitty bank.

  11. The Biden’s are even more corrupt than Nasty Pelosi. But it is the racist America hating Obama’s we should worry about. At the moment we are still suffering under the 3rd OBAMA Administration, soon to be replaced by the 4TH OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. I only wonder if President Michelle Obama, intimate friend of Sorros and that pack, will be as obedient to her corrupt husband, as Biden is.

  12. I’m sure Jill will echo comments made by Treasury Sec Janet Yellen in Africa a few weeks ago. Yellen was talking to poor African tribes who are scratching out a dirt farmer existence. Yellen lectured the farmers that to help fioght Climate change, they must stop burning wood and coal. Yep, they ought buy electric appliances. Now if they had a national power grid to plug into……

  13. 90% of the Biden administration is as crooked and corrupt as China Joe and his entire family.—————————————
    When are the dumbcrats going to wake up??????????

  14. Does she take the granddaughter Hunter had with the stripper, that they won’t let take the Biden, name with her? Sounds like they have trouble accepting this young girl? Tolerate bunch, aren’t they?

  15. I imagine slut Jill will be taking her knee pads to Africa , so she can get a little Nigerian nectar !!!!

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