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Jim Jordan Reveals Emails, Accuses WH Of Pressuring Amazon ‘To Censor Books’

I suppose we could look at this as digital book burning, which would be par for the course of the new Nazi party here in America. Some groups thrive on competition but the Democratic Party is not one of them, for as bad as their policies are, their actions are much worse. Their only option is to kill the First Amendment and to adopt the policies of the Third World nations.

Rep Jim Jordan has discovered emails about the pressure the Biden regime put on Amazon to effectively hide the books that run contrary to the radicals in the Democratic Party. And he can also name the man who led the charge in banning books that do not include liberal disinformation. Jordan has released these emails he has dubbed “The Amazon Files.” Amazon originally tried to hold out, but eventually they caved to Joe Biden and his administration.

The emails sent from the Biden administration to Amazon and internal messages from the company showed that on the same day that Amazon met with the White House in March 2021, the company “enabled] Do Not Promote” for books that expressed hesitancy about the COVID vaccines, Jordan said.

Jordan said:

“How did the Biden White House conclude that there was ‘propaganda and misinformation’ in books sold in Amazon’s bookstore? The White House ran keyword searches for controversial topics, such as ‘vaccine,’ and emailed Amazon when it didn’t like how the search results appeared.”

“Why was the Biden White House so upset with Amazon? Because Amazon believed ‘retailers are different than social media communities’ & provided their ‘customers with access to a variety of viewpoints.’ For the Biden Admin, letting Americans think for themselves was unacceptable.”

From The Daily Wire

According to emails the White House sent to Amazon nearly three years ago, then-senior White House advisor Andy Slavitt — who at the same time was pressuring Facebook to suppress vaccine-related stories — asked who he could talk to at “the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation” at Amazon. Slavitt added in his email that a search for “vaccines” under books on Amazon yielded “concerning” results.

In response to the Biden administration’s request, Amazon appeared to discuss taking action but held off on “doing a manual intervention” because the company’s PR team was afraid such a move would be “too visible” and would be picked up by news outlets, such as Fox News.

Jordan wrote that on March 9, 2021, a week after the initial email, the White House met with Amazon. Internal documents revealed that one of Amazon’s main questions for the administration was, “Is the Admin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (both)?” In the internal documents revealed by Jordan, Amazon also admitted that it was “feeling pressure from the White House” as the company also anticipated a “negative story” published by BuzzFeed on books sold on Amazon “related to vaccine misinformation.”

On the same day as its meeting with the White House, Amazon said in internal discussions that it enabled its “Do Not Promote” for books that questioned the efficacy of the COVID vaccines, and the tech giant “also considered other ways ‘to reduce the visibility’ of certain books that the Biden White House disliked,” Jordan said.




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