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Joe Biden: ‘It’s Time to Again Ban High-Capacity Magazines…If You Need 80 Shots in a Magazine, You Shouldn’t Own a Gun!’ (VIDEO)

On Friday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made an appearance in the Rose Garden to deliver remarks about what they have deemed ‘gun safety.’ The two announced a new office focused on gun violence prevention.

“I’ll continue to urge Congress to take common-sense actions that the majority of Americans support like enacting universal background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said in a statement.

“But in the absence of that sorely needed action, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention along with the rest of my Administration will continue to do everything it can to combat the epidemic of gun violence that is tearing our families, our communities, and our country apart,” Biden said.

Biden continued his war on the Second Amendment on Thursday.

“I was the guy, along with a woman in California, who also, we once banned assault weapons and multiple magazines,” Biden said.

“It’s time to again ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. If you need 80 shots in a magazine, you shouldn’t own a gun!” Biden said.

Everyone should know that our Constitution says otherwise.


ICYMI: Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level Gun Control Office






25 Responses

  1. Hey Heathen Moron Xiden, he majority of murders committed in the US are not by killers with High Capacity Magazines on so called Assault Weapons (rifles)! I’d like to know when this walking vegetable is getting planted; it must have exceeded its shelve life already which is quite evident by all the mold and rot exuding from all of its orifices!!

    1. he was a child sniffer and life long racist, LONG B4 he went senile. This is elder abuse. couldn’t happen to a better subject. Only way, is down. fast

  2. The Demonrats have turned their illiterate, trashy followers into violent garbage and want to blame real people for all of the problems while ignoring the real stats that a major majority of shooting are done by THEIR followers in lib meccas around the country. To bring the country back to normal we need to be rid of them and their trash preferably on a deserted island where they can go after each other.

    1. Don; well said as you have hit the proverbial nail smack-dab on the head! Again the garbage causing all of the misery and suffering in America are pointing their sick “evil filled trigger fingers” at all of the “law abiding citizens” not at themselves as they continue to ruin or destroy all they touch!
      This of course has been part of the Globalists plan, to use these useful idiots or rabble-rouse derelicts on the Left, to create problems that get completely out of control, like they now are under Xiden! Then they plan to use Edicts to swoop in on everybody with “Small Arms Treaty UN Globalist” powers to suppress all of our rights under the Constitution! That’s the evil straight from hell plan; but we need to all pray to God and be humble to Him like we never have before, so that we know we are in “His good graces” not any governments or stooges running them!

    2. RED states need to separate from this evil empire, peacefully. The alternative ain’t pretty, but would be worth it. Restore the republic of We the People

  3. Biden is a demented old man being controlled like a puppet by Globalists, they New World order through Barrack Obama who Pelosi says is again running the nation as they don’t trust Broken Biden.

    1. Sarah Lucas; absolutely correct and let’s know that the most evil people on this Godforsaken planet are running it for now! Trust is nearly impossible to find these days, and we sure can’t trust these maniacs in our government now, until they are purged it’s a call to Mission Control; “Houston we have a problem!”
      Let’s pray like never before!

      1. real men would do what the founders did and said to do, SEPARATE from such evil. Jesus said the same thing 2000 years ago. Why do we not obey? scared little cowards, enslaved by sissies & perverts….

  4. “That an eye” Bret; and a good “heads-up!” But look who it is, the “Xiden Big Guy,” that apparently needs more than 80 years to realize he is a Devil!
    I’d say that as far as any advice or wisdom coming from him that idea is totally a joke, like him!

    1. Remember Biden is not smart enough to do all the damage he is doing. The Jomo Devil in Black is the one running the show to destroy the USA according to Pelosi.

      1. You got that right Devil! I’ve seen it clearly in Bathhouse Barry the evil infiltrator Traitor!

        1. the half breed, 100% communist from Kenya. The gov’t. knew he wasn’t a natural born citizen. They said nothing. When will we stop sending our money to them, to abuse us?

  5. There is no winning against the left. He has all of his illegals rushing over the border and then allowing them to vote for him. There will be no winning against them.

    1. B; that’s the plan but we have to pray for divine intervention to give the good people another chance to amend our failures and rid the nation of all this scum from hell!

  6. WOW! One must ponder just who is in charge. Is it Bill Gates? NATO? W.H.O.”?
    Bill Clinton? Obama? Xi? “BLM”? Or worse?
    I can see it now. President AOC who thinks inflation is “propaganda”. Vice-President Ilhan who is a muslim schill and dorks anyone but her illegitimate unlawful ex-husband. OLD Hilary Secretary of State [redux 2] applying any laws that ONLY benefits her serfdom and neutralizes conservatives. Fat Stacy Abrams as head of CIA. Gavin Newsy as Secretary of the Interior[er Inferior} . M.Rapinoe to replace Fauci as head of CDC
    Yep , could get worse.

  7. Obama;s third term, folks. Biden couldn’t care a whit about destroying Western Capitalism and Industrialization…only Obama could and Michelle is “in-the-wings” for a fourth and fifth term as POTUS! Here goes:1)It’s Cloward-Piven on steroids;2)Open Borders;3)Welfare on steroids and BAILOUTS; 4)Green New Deal (and EV’s);5)Destroy the Military;6)Dollar no longer a Reserve Currency;7)Pandemic Lockdowns on the way;8)Climate change Lockdowns, too;9)Central Bank Digital Currency; 10)weaponization of all government against conservatives and Christians;11)Free Speech Ban as well as dissent;12)Defund Police;13)Mass criminal releases and NO BAIL;14)CRT&Transgender Brainwashing;15)persecution of PTA parents;16)political opponents arrested;17)87,000 new IRS agents – all armed; 18)Farm Bill was designed to idle ALL Farming (enter Bill Gates to buy-up all idled, non-productive vacant properties) – GOT IT, FOLKS? There’s more to this picture…just a few “broad-brush-strokes.” For example: ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS will be enrolled in US welfare rolls-aimed directly at collapsing America’s Safety net. Massive New York City rally with Al Sharpton& Robert DeNiro a STOP TRUMP RALLY!!! In October 2023. Every Marxist will be headlined. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. God Bless.

    1. messup; great perspective and that about sums it up what the most vile and diabolical scums of the earth are doing and planning for this once fantastic beautiful nation under God! Now they want Satan to have his turn running things! If it all goes the way they want it to we can be reasonably certain that Civil War will break out and then the riots of the Summer of 2020 will look like kid stuff!

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