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Joe Biden Lies About Defunding the Police: He Claims Republicans Did It

It is easy to spot when Joe Biden is lying. You can see his lips moving. He claims that inflation began under Trump, but when Trump left office inflation was 1.4%. He also claims that the border is now more secure than it was under Trump. You can laugh now. And now, he claims that Republicans want to defund the police. Okay, now I’m laughing. Biden also claims he has created millions of jobs. But, the number of people in the workforce is lower today than when he took office.

Biden offered his astounding statement during a speech at a union training center in Philadelphia.

Biden said:

“And so folks, look, MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police departments.”

Since 2020 it has been the far left that has been calling for the defunding and abolishment of police forces across the country. Have you heard one single conservative call for defunding the police anywhere in this country?

There have been a lot of people who have called out Biden on this lie. Here are some of the replies:

“This is one of the most absurd attempts to re-write history we’ve ever seen,” Dan K. Eberhart, a CEO, author, and commentator, tweeted. “Democrats spent two years demanding we defund police, yet now they want to say Republicans were the ones doing this? Who do they think is going to believe this garbage?”

MRCTV was on the same frequency, tweeting that Biden is “seriously trying rewrite history by falsely claiming Republicans, not Democrats, want to defund police. In reality, Democrats spent two years pushing soft-on-crime and ‘defund the police’ laws.”

Washington Examiner columnist Ian Haworth reacted by tweeting, “At this point, there are only two options: 1) He honestly believes these things, and therefore doesn’t have a grasp on reality. 2) He knows he’s lying through his teeth and doesn’t give a f***. Neither of these are good, y’all.”

David Wohl, a defense attorney and 2016 campaigner for former President Donald Trump, wrote that Biden is “basically a zombie. He has no clue what he’s saying. Belongs in a rest home.”

PJ Media columnist Ryan Ledendecker tweeted, “Dementia is so sad, yet fascinating to observe in real-time.”

Veteran and Twitter personality James Bradley wrote, “It’s like a bad standup routine at this point. All you can do is laugh.”

Podcaster and journalist Kyle Becker wrote, “Pathological liar, confirmed,” in reaction to Biden’s claims.

Right after Biden claimed MAGA Republicans wanted to defund the FBI. But not me. I want to abolish the FBI and start up an honest agency in which former FBI employees would be banned from joining.

Josh Barnett — an author and former House of Representatives candidate from Arizona — had the following to say in response:

“All he does is lie…no MAGA Republican ever said to defund police!!! But we did say defund the crooked FBI ’til they stop attacking Americans for political retaliation.”

Gee, why does the mainstream press ever call out Biden for lying? I think you and I both know the answer to that.




10 Responses

  1. Will any of these lies we discussed on the Sunday morning talk shows? Maybe fox but I doubt it. Like most Democrats, Biden banks on the fact that most Americans are stupid. Well, at least their voters are

  2. Hogwash, Joe! We were here through it all, something you’ll never be able to say about ANYTHING!

  3. Low info liberals and Dems always blame Republicans. I saw it at my office. never got into political discussions at my office, because low info types do not think rationally.
    As Obamacare was going through Congress, they gushed about how wonderful it was going to be. How Barack promised they were going to keep their doctors and healthcare plans, and families were going to save $2500 a year.
    Once Barack signed it, it was as obvious as the sunrise he had lied. Instead of facing that, Dems ranted that some way, some how, evil Republicans deleted those promises while it was going through Congress.

  4. That’s all lying biden has is to blame Trump or Republicans. He has done nothing but make a complete mess of our country. He hasn’t accomplished or done one single thing to make America better. He lies everytime he opens his mouth and has embarrassed us in every possible way.

  5. Lets do a social experiment. Lets take Chicago and move all police officers to a different position for just a month to see what happens. That means nobody will write tickets, nobody will provide emergency assistance, nobody will investigate rape, robbery, battery, No welfare checks, no body goes to jail, nobody gets arrested, in other words its a free for all out there. Nobody to enforce any law. At the end of the month, lets do an investigation to see if it affected the level of crime at all. If not so be it, retire all the police and junk their cars, jails, headquarters, detectives, beat cops, traffic cops, airport police, convention center police, park police all will be gone. Lets see what happens. Now if crime goes up then you can see that they are needed, need to be funded just like anything else to succeed. Any takers?

  6. The dems actually DO think that history can be changed by a few nonsensical words out of the mouth of a mentally challenged puppet they thrust (legally or illegally) into office!

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