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Joe Biden Looks Frail, Lost, Before Shuffling Away After Climate Change Speech

On Tuesday, Joe Biden arrived at Red Butte Airfield in Arizona to deliver a speech on climate change. Biden discussed the importance of taking action and making sacrifices in order to combat climate change.

He also spoke about a little girl who had approached him asking him to take care of Bears Ears National Monument, although the validity of this anecdote is unclear.

He used a creepy baby-like voice as he told the tall tale.

Joe Biden warned that sacrifices must be made in order to effectively address the climate crisis.

“There’s a lot of good that’s gonna come from the sacrifices of dealing with taking on the climate crisis,” he said.

Only the peasants will have to make sacrifices and there won’t be any “good” that comes from climate change mandates.

A confused Joe Biden got lost after his speech.

He spun around and saluted the audience before shuffling away.

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14 Responses

  1. It seems like he’s drawing larger crowds, upwards of twenty five people in some places. Of course most are just there to catch his next major Fall !

    1. They simply order the military to show up in civilian clothes for each of his appearances.

  2. Amazzzzing that they still let him out of the basement. Never had the ability or qualifications to do his job and we are paying for it dearly.

  3. In the meantime all those Communist Democrats will be flying around the globe and driving gas guzzling vehicles and on the Ocean with their yachts, using gas stoves, gas water heaters, and constantly telling the peasants what they can and can’t do in the name of Climate change.
    Bullshit is more like it, I can just see AL Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill & Hitlery, The Biden crime family all going green to set an example for the rest of us, Hell No They Won’t.! The Communist bastards are pushing Americans towards being sheep and millions will flock to the pens because that’s what their Masters are telling them to do.

    1. In the meantime, a stupid EV truck/bus company just went bellyup, just like Obama’s stupid Solyndra, all funded with OUR tax dollars. These stupid companies are nothing more than money pits where a handful of crooks make a fortune and we are left holding the debt.
      From what I’ve read, the idiot crook president declared the area around the grand canyon off limits to stop the mining going on there, all at the behest of Ukraine. Our government is rife with evil traitors.

    2. Right, it’s the Brave New 1984 World they are setting us up for, and most people in this country are simply oblivious to it and the rest of us are too afraid to do anything about it. There are a few who are trying to do something within the confines of peacefulness, but they are simply getting canceled one way or another. Our founding fathers knew that there may have to be another way but couldn’t foresee the massive power the Government would have. We’re toast.

  4. Biden is a disgrace! I didn’t vote for him and never would. The people who did, don’t deserve a vote! This man is a mental case and should have been impeached when his cognitive issues first began.

  5. GREEN
    Why is GREEN so mean?
    Wind Turbines for “LECTRICITY” Ha! How many does it take to generate enough “LECTICITY” for ONE city? Those “Blades” , 75 feet per blade, carbon fiber which is NOT recyclable , and a life span of 10 years. So , how many migratory birds are killed each month by these MONSTOSITIES?? Oh , yes, can you farm around those “Wind turbines? Is the land dual purposed with those TURBINES around?? NO ! These things kill owls , geese , ducks , hawks , and other species. There has already been failures whereby people have been killed, turbines losing blades and falling over. Look it up, you will see the aftermath of these turbines falling , catching fire , and throwing blades. Anand old Joe wants US to get ride of our cars, stoves , air conditioning , and aircraft.

    1. Blundering, Butcher Biden and his handlers only want to have his servants survive and none who oppose the Government god.

  6. “There’s a lot of good that’s gonna come from the sacrifices of dealing with taking on the climate crisis,” Joltin’ Joe

    Do any of these “climate crisis” quacks ever ask the question of WHY it is ONLY the United States that must make “sacrifices dealing with…climate crisis?” If you can view mediocre ‘man’ riding a small ant hill on this planet Earth, you have to conclude ‘man’ will have little to NO impact on “saving this planet” through some idiotic idea that “ungodly man” can control the climate!

  7. No climate change! A con put on by Al Gore, John Kerry, Joe Biden. Making millions for a lie. Scientists have said the earth is not warming up. Its getting colder. But the idiot young people who care so uneducated and just plain stupid don’t care. They don’t work, their parents pay their bills and Soros gives them millions to destroy America with lies. Granholm is in with the Chinese government to take away the American people appliances. Joe Biden is just too stupid and mentally ill to care. A puppet who just repeats what some white House teenagers tells him to say on a note card or tv. It’s just disgusting to see a cockroach in the White House. Thought Obama was bad enough but Biden is just disgusting as Obama. Two nazis destroying America.

  8. There IS climate change, and has been since the world was formed BUT; it IS a CON that man is causing it, and cannot naturally and freely overcome it, but have to be enslaved by a ruling oligarchy of the elite who benefit from our slavery. Pure evil by Satan’s followers.

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