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Joe Biden Mumbles as He Meets with Civil Rights Leaders

On Monday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris convened with prominent civil rights leaders in the East Room of the White House to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Among those in attendance were Martin Luther King III and Al Sharpton.

Biden mumbled through his remarks.

“I said little earlier as I came in and sat down I think this is as serious of potential turning point for the negative as it was when turning point for the positive when your dad organized that march,” Biden said to Al Sharpton.

Biden sharply criticized Republicans for attempting to eliminate pornographic and sexually explicit content from elementary schools during his remarks.

“I never thought that I’d be president, let alone be president and having a discussion on why books are being banned in American schools!” Biden mumbled.

Joe Biden spoke of the Jacksonville shooting, where a white man fatally shot three black people at a Dollar General store in Florida on Sunday.

He attempted to appeal to the African American community with his remarks, despite having not done the same after Darrell Brooks killed several white people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha.

“I’ve spoken to the governor and the mayor and Black community leaders in Jacksonville, Florida — the sheriff, who’s an African American…” Biden said.


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5 Responses

    1. Not as big of a moron as the morons that say he’s doing a great job and will still vote for him again.

  1. A buffoon put in office by fraud. Destroying America for personal gain. He has never made any sense. Democrats will not impeach him because Joe Biden keeps them in money! The woke culture are too stupid to see it. Joe Biden is a loser. Has been if whole life. Never tells the truth. A unamerican evil man that will destroy anything good in America.

  2. He has always been a cheat and even got caught plagerizing while in College. He should have been kicked out then but money talks and BS walks. He is not a President but in name only so I guess that make him a PINO. I think that fits him pertty good, PINO Biden. He is using the unarrested flow across the southern border to increase the Democratic base with undocumented Democrats which will be voting in the next election, which according to the US Constitution is not permitted, you must be a US Citizen. Of course we may not have an election if he gets his next pandemic started early enough. Self interest, of course or why would he have illegally taken security level papers home when a Senator and VP? He was never authroized to do that and anyone else would have been in the pokey already. I think a majority of American see what is going on with his weaponizing the FBI and DOJ and how he is using them to terrorize and provide himself protection. WE are not stupid and know its wrong. If Biden had any since at all he would pardon all J6 prisoners now as its becoming more and more obvious that there were Governement or House Speaker Pelosi’s tooges in the crowd directing and egging them on. The only person killed on J6 was Ashley Babbot who was all of 97 pounds and unarmed, and shot by a 300 pound Male Black Capital Police officer at point blank range. It was an execution. All other deats where either drug related or natural causes. I betcha that Pelosi and the rest of the conspirators who wanted to get Trump have alternate plans to skip the county if the spot light his them. I am not a Trump worshiper but I do have a head on my shoulders and see more lies and deception coming from the Democratic side.

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