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Joe Biden Officially Disowns His Own Granddaughter

It appears that Joe Biden has officially disowned his 4-year-old granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts, despite the media’s portrayal of him as a loving family man.

Hunter Biden, son of Joe and Jill Biden, has a daughter with former DC stripper Lunden Roberts. This young girl is now four years old and will turn five in August.

The parents have settled on an agreement where Navy Joan would never be allowed to use the Biden name—a clear indication of abandonment from her father and grandparents.

Even more disturbing is the fact that White House aides are instructed to publicly state that Joe Biden only has six grandchildren instead of seven as if erasing Navy Joan from existence was possible or permissible.

It’s no surprise then why many in the public are outraged at this news, particularly those who look up to Joe Biden (as unbelievable as this may sound) for his character and sense of morality.

Is it right for him to ignore his grandchild when he holds himself up as an example? After all, he’s already shown how much importance he puts on familial values with his stories about Beau which won over so many voters during the Democratic primaries.

So if family means so much to Joe Biden, why does he continue to ignore Navy Joan? We must ask ourselves what kind of message does it send when someone refuses to acknowledge their own flesh and blood? Are we really supposed to believe that such an act isn’t hypocritical or morally wrong? That it should simply be overlooked due to the circumstances surrounding her birth?

And yet there still remain people who defend Joe Biden’s decision not to acknowledge Navy Joan by saying things like ‘He will do what’s best for her’ or ‘This is between Hunter & Lunden.’

But these comments fail to address this point: Whether or not you believe this situation calls for something different than other instances of paternity/grandpaternity doesn’t negate its ethical implications – especially since many families have experienced similar situations before without resorting to such drastic measures (like disowning).

Ultimately it seems like rather than doing something out of genuine concern for their grandchild’s wellbeing they’re just trying to save face – which unfortunately sends an incredibly damaging message about how society views single mothers & children born out of wedlock – particularly when coming from someone who publicly espouses strong principles about family values.

On one hand we can understand some level empathy given Hunter & Lunden’s tumultuous past; however on the other hand it should also be acknowledged that adults have responsibilities too–such as recognizing your parental obligations whether they originate out love or necessity–and shirking them sends a terrible example regardless if you think doing otherwise would be better for everyone involved..

While no one can say definitively what action should be taken here; what can be said is that whatever decision Vice President Joe Biden makes going forward concerning Navy Joan will set a precedent both within our society but more importantly within our politics surrounding fatherhood & responsibility…




16 Responses

  1. Biden (and his staff of sycophants) may hold him up as an example of a loving family man, but the rest of us know the truth.

    1. What a jerk who wants him as a grandpa. She is better off. JACKASS OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe Biden and Hunter are low life scum bags, I know it you know everyone knows it. They are more concerned with lining their pockets with millions of corrupt dollars than anything else. That would include an actual daughter and granddaughter. Joe Biden is a major BS artist. How anyone with a functional brain can vote or support this criminal is beyond belief. He has done more harm to America than anyone else in history. He belongs in jail. And should a real investigation be conducted (it never will) he would face the firing squad for treason.

    1. If you look up “white trash” in an encyclopedia, there should be a picture of Joe Biden and Bill Clinton together as an example!

      1. Lets see the last Democratic President that was in office and was good in my mind was John F. Kennedy and he opposed the escalation of Viet Nam so the CIA blew his brains out all over Dallas Streets November 22, 1963. I have not seen an acceptable Democratic POTUS since and probably never will as that party has been taken over by Deep State, New World Order, the Ubber Rich, Socialist or Communists, freaks, homosexuals, and every other anti American group around. My fear is that based on the last election and proof of fraud every where we are doomed as the Democrats will figure new ways to cheat, lie, and steal our elections and destroy this nation.

        1. You might want to check out Humberto Fontova columns on JFK and learn more about JFK. And while you are at it check out his column “A Castro-Loving Communist Murdered JFK—End of Story.”

  3. He can disown Navy if he wants…but it says more about him than it does the little girl that was born out of wed-lock. Or her mother. At least the mother loves the little girl and has taken responsibility for her. Her father had to be made to support her. And takes no responsibility for her. The Bidens are trash dressed up to look like somebody. But most of us know the truth. They are trash.

    1. As the old saying goes, you can’t take $hit and make apple butter. Joe is a perfect example of someone who has shuffled through life and never really done anything worth mentioning. He has lied and cheated his way through life.

      1. “Shuffled through life”? He cheated his way through School, use other people work, has cheated on his taxes, has lied about raping women, fondles children, incest runs in his family, works only for who pays him and offers it up to anyone including our enemies. Proof is all around us. He then weaponizes the very DOJ and FBI that could bring his kingdom down and with what threat? What has he got on all these people that support such a sick and demented family?

  4. In the long run it might be best if Navy does not use the Biden name as it could end up being an anchor around her neck she does not deserve. Everyone knows what kind of slim balls Joe and Hunter Biden really are and the outrageously illegal things they do. We know that they are both guilty of Treason, taking bribes, lying, and destroying the American Dream for the other 99% of us who are hard working to make ends meet. In time I am hoping that they are not smart enough to ultimately be brought to real justice and dealt with appropriately.

  5. So if Joe Biden only has six grandchildren, that logically means his son Hunter has no children. It also logically means the definition of paternity is not DNA but personal whim, does it not?

    So not only can we deny our own DNA as to whether or not we’re male or female, we can deny DNA as to paternity? That seems so progressive.

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