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Joe Biden Poses with Burning Birthday Cake, Social Media Destroys Him

On his 81st birthday, Joe Biden celebrated in an unfortunate manner. Matters only worsened from there when he decided to indulge in an unhealthy dessert that evening.

In a distasteful nod to Marie Antoinette, the cake was lit with a plethora of candles (presumably 81) which resulted in it bursting into flames.

To top off the day, Biden shared on social media that he is now part of Mark Zuckerberg’s struggling platform Threads.


Not surprisingly, Biden’s conservative critics had some HILARIOUS responses.

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4 Responses

  1. The only way this could have been truer and more disgusting would be if the cake from hell had been made in the shape of the American continent. Then it would have presented the true aspirations and feelings of Dementia Joe.

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