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Joe Biden Requires Immigration Courts to Give Special Consideration for Illegals Under 21: Will Include Terrorists Under 21 and Who Lie About Their Age

In Joe Biden’s first three years in office, he has allowed more illegal aliens into the United States than the total population of New Jersey. He now wants to make sure he can keep as many of them in the country as he possibly can even if they are possibly terrorists. His administration is ordering immigration judges to give special consideration for illegals between 18 and 20. If they do not show up for their sanctuary hearings they are to be given an automatic extension.

Here is the rub. This rule will apply to terrorists under the age of 21 and also illegal aliens who claim to be under the age of 21 since the Biden administration takes their word for their ages. Considering all of the Middle Eastern and African countries who are now hostile to the United States this becomes a matter of National Security. This is especially true since Biden releases them and then forgets them. The current backlog of illegals is so huge that new arrivals are getting court dates in 2031. Terrorists get 7 years to plot attacks.

Ira Mehlman, who works for Federation for American Immigration Reform in America (FAIR) said:

“This [Executive Office of Immigration Review] memo is just another way for the Biden administration to further their agenda of dismissing cases and avoiding removals for illegal aliens, instructing immigration judges to be more like counselors than an enforcer of the laws that Congress wrote.” 

“They are pushing the envelope using children, a sympathetic class of people, but in reality, this dedicated docket will cover adults who should be subject to expedited removal, and ensure they are given every chance to seek other forms of relief to avoid deportation.” 

From The Daily Caller

The memo instructs judges to make “special considerations” when young migrants fail to appear in court. When young migrants can’t be located due to an unreported change of address or an “overlooked” request to make such a change, a 30-day extension to verify the location of the migrant will be requested.

A judge will then proceed with the case if the young migrant fails to appear to the next hearing and can order them removed in their absence, according to the memo.

The creation of a juvenile docket will help address mounting concerns of human trafficking involving children entering the country illegally, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“Juvenile points of contact will be trained to recognize common indicators of these crimes in order to seek engagement by our ICE colleagues to provide protection and support to these children when needed, while ensuring fair adjudication of their cases before the court. This new initiative is for the well-being of children throughout their immigration proceedings,” ICE Principal Legal Advisor Kerry E. Doyle said in a statement regarding the program.

The issue of trafficking has received much more attention after The New York Times reported on the exploitation of migrant children released to HHS-vetted sponsors that end up working in unsafe slaughterhouses and factories. The NYT found that the U.S. government couldn’t reach 85,000 migrant children released to sponsors by HHS in recent years.

“The administration gives the impression it is concerned about the interests of children in our immigration system, mandating, for example, that ICE attorneys ‘will’ request a 30-day continuance when children fail to appear in court. But I notice that in the same document, the administration writes only that DHS and HHS ‘may’ initiate investigations into potential trafficking, abuse, or neglect,” former ICE Chief of Staff under the Trump administration Jon Feere, who now serves as the director of investigations for the Center for Immigration Studies, told the DCNF.



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