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Joe Biden Wants to Seize $300 Billion in Russian Assets and Give it to Ukraine: WWIII to Begin Shortly Thereafter

It was bad enough when Joe Biden was stealing our tax dollars and sending it to Ukraine, but now he wants to steal $300 billion from Russia and send it off to Ukraine.

If you wanted to start a war with a nuclear power, you would be hard-pressed to do it better than that. And if he follows through on his plan, how many Ukrainian officials will be packing their bags and leaving the country with big wads of cash?

But taking the assets may not work out quite the way the U.S. and its allies think.

Russian officials have repeatedly warned that the state confiscation of assets goes against all the principles of free markets.

“Let’s see what they decide,” one senior Russian official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “The protection of private property is a sacred cow that has been feeding them for many centuries.”

Some Russian officials have suggested that if Russian assets are confiscated then foreign investors’ assets stuck in special so-called type “C” accounts in Russia could face the same fate. Some foreign assets were effectively locked in the C accounts.

It is not clear exactly how much money is in these accounts but Russian officials have said it is comparable to the $300 billion of Russian reserves frozen.

One major problem is that if the money is confiscated from Russia, Russia can do the same thing with money held by foreign countries in Russia, mostly from Europe.

Russian sources claim that they have assets they can seize which is in the $300 billion vicinity. Biden’s plan is getting a lot of heat from European countries that still has businesses located in Russia. Russia is none too thrilled about it either.

Financial Times:

Germany, France, Italy and the EU have expressed some reservations, and the need to carefully assess the legality of confiscating Moscow’s assets before decisions are taken. Several European ministers also stressed the need to maintain high levels of secrecy over the work, according to accounts of the meeting.

Various options are being explored in western capitals, ranging from directly confiscating and spending the Russian central bank assets, to tapping the proceeds from the frozen assets or using them as collateral for loans.

The EU has so far stopped short of seizing the Russian assets themselves, instead exploring ways to skim off profits generated for financial institutions such as Euroclear, where €191bn in sovereign assets are held.

From PJ Media

The U.S. is mulling a plan to give $300 billion in frozen Russian assets to Ukraine that Kyiv could use for a variety of purposes, including reconstruction.

There is opposition to the plan, mostly from EU countries that still have companies operating in Russia. There are also serious questions about the legality of seizing sovereign assets and what kind of risk the group would be running as far as destabilizing the world economy.

Some of the Russian assets are very liquid—assets such as major currencies, gold, and government bonds, about half of which are held in the West.

“Total Russian foreign currency and gold reserves totaled $612 billion at the time,” according to Reuters.

But taking the assets may not work out quite the way the U.S. and its allies think.

The machinery of confiscation is complex—if it’s even doable. Washington has proposed three working groups to investigate the legal issues of confiscation, the method of applying such a policy as well as mitigating risks, and how best to get the money to Ukraine.




5 Responses

  1. From a man that can’t even find his way off of a speakers platform????? Surely thou jests!!!!! FOOL!!!!!

  2. It’s a miracle that Russia has not attacked the US after the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine. They cannot beat us fighting two fronts. That is the only reason why there is no WW at the moment. All the democrats and Biden have to do is piss off Iran and China. Watch for it.

  3. The Obama-Biden regime is a defacto war mongering organization intent on destabilizing world peace. The only way the regime can self identify is through chaos. It is also behind the curtain of chaos that the Obama-Biden regime destabilized foreign governments and can install puppets like Zelenskyy or terrorists such as ISIS, PLO, Hamas, Alkedia, and Hesbola. The sooner the Obama-Biden regime and their clones at the Pentagon are removed, the sooner morality and world peace will return. Obama, Biden and their patsies in Congress have absolutely no concept of the western civilization which President Trump referred to in a European speech during his presidency.

  4. Remember, we have an election due this coming Nov., this is a ploy for Biden to stay in power especially now that Trump is so far ahead in the polls.
    Biden and crew do not care who gets hurt or killed it is only for power and control .
    Hopefully this turns against the war mongers who desire it otherwise the world can turn into a nuclear waste land.

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