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Joe Biden Who Claims He Had Nothing to Do With Hunter’s Business Emailed Hunter’s Partner 54 Times Using Fake Account

As time passes, Joe Biden and the propaganda department in the White House has changed it’s story more times than a hooker changes her undies.

It began with Joe never discussing business with Hunter. Then he did meet with people Hunter wanted to do business with.

Then it was Hunter did not make a dime from China. Currently, they say Joe did not benefit from Hunter’s shady dealings. All of those talking points have one thing in common, they are lies.

But how can they spin 54 emails to Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin while Joe was vice president — and while Hunter was in Ukraine? Maybe they’ll chalk it up to tax preparation:

Joe Biden exchanged emails with his son Hunter’s business associate 54 times while he was serving as vice president, and some of the messages were sent around the time the elder Biden was traveling to Ukraine and his son was working for a Ukrainian gas company, according to records released by House Republicans.

A White House spokesperson declined to comment but pointed to statements by House Democrats that Hunter Biden’s business associate, Eric Schwerin, worked as Joe Biden’s financial adviser from 2009 to 2017 and helped him file his tax returns. Schwerin did not respond to requests for comment.

One que3stion comes to mind and that is why is Schwerin preparing Joe’s taxes at all? Is there not an HR Block in Washington or Delaware. As more evidence comes out, we may learn a lot. None of the emails have been made public yet, so we do not know what is in them. I have a funny feeling that they are holding something major back that they plan on springing within weeks of the 2024 election. I could be wrong, after all I have been known to be wrong before.

The substance of these emails has not been made public, but the timing of them look very suspicious:

All told, then-Vice President Biden emailed Schwerin 35 times before and after his 2014 trips to Ukraine. Five emails were exchanged just prior to a trip by Vice President Biden to Ukraine on June 7, 2014, and 27 emails were sent from the end of June to a second trip to Ukraine by Biden on Nov. 21, 2014.

The bulk of the communication occurred in the lead-up to and following an agreement for Hunter Biden to serve on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

From Hot Air

June and November don’t seem to be months in which intensive communications would be necessary for tax filings. It was, however, a year before Biden defied the State Department and the White House in demanding that the Ukraine government dismiss state prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Shokin had taken aim at Burisma over corruption allegations, and its owner — who was paying Hunter a million dollars a year — wanted Shokin out of the way.

This email pattern strongly suggests that Joe Biden took an active part in those Ukrainian business interests of Hunter and Schwerin, and acted on behalf of their Ukrainian oligarch patron, Mykola Zlochevsky.

So far, the White House doesn’t have much to say about these e-mails. But what can they say, other than continue their gaslighting spin about Joe’s non-involvement with Hunter’s businesses? That narrative keeps getting more and more obviously false, and at some point, Democrats may need to reassess whether Joe’s worth it.

What choice do the Democrats have? Kamala Harris is less popular than Joe. Gavin Newsom got destroyed in a debate with Ron DeSantis and Trump is a better debater than DeSantis. They have no one else.




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