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Joe Biden’s White House Colluded With Three Trump Prosecutors Despite His Denial

On several occasions, Joe Biden has denied any involvement in the various prosecutions of President Trump. How surprised would you be to find out that was a lie?

Frankly, you could have knocked me over with a bulldozer. There is now evidence that the White House coordinated with all three prosecutors seeking to take Trump down.

This seems to me to be political interference and heads should roll. These charges against Trump were ridiculous to begin with, but if they were planned by Joe Biden and his minions this is criminal.

Yesterday I wrote that Fani Willis’s lover met twice with the White House Counsel, once before charging Trump with RICO violations.

Today we learn that Nathan Wade went to work for Willis on November 1st, 2021 and he filed for divorce the very next day.

Willis benefitted from her hiring of Wade who took her on trips to Napa Valley and the Caribbean. That could be deemed as a RICO violation. But that’s not the only coordination between Joe Biden’s White House and the “Get Trump!” lawfare crowd.

Constitutional law expert, Mike Davis told Steve Bannon on Tuesday that not only did Nathan Wade send bills for one White House Counsel meeting, but he also sent bills for two meetings with the White House, one before the insane RICO indictment was sought:

We have to ask if was Biden in Athens, Ga., on May 23, 2022, or did this White House Counsel make a trip down there? What was the purpose of this trip? Obviously, this trip, this meeting is about Trump’s case. This unprecedented prosecution of Trump by Fani Willis and her alleged boyfriend Nathan Wade, because Nathan Wade billed for $2000 of his time for this meeting with the White House Counsel. So, the White House cannot say that this meeting was not related to Trump. 

And then there’s this second meeting. ‘Interview with the DC/White House Counsel’ on November 18, 2022. Again, a block billing for $2000. I’m looking at this Nathan Wade’s bills. He doesn’t have a lot of specifics in these bills…[but] there’s clear coordination between Biden and these prosecutors. 

But that’s not the only coordination with the Biden White House, Davis says:

Remember, it was Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su who waived President Trumps claim of Executive Privilege on behalf of President Trump that led to the unprecedented, unnecessary, unlawful home raid on President Trump for the presidential records he’s allowed to have under the Presidential Records Act.

And then there was:

Matthew Colangelo who got sent as a senior political appointee in the Biden Justice Department…[and] got sent to DA Alvin Bragg’s [New York] office, the Soros-funded Manhattan DA (District Attorney) to resurrect this zombie case against Trump that the prior Manhattan DA, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney, the Federal Election Commission and Alvin Bragg himself passed on.

Remember now that all the official legal wags in New York City thought this case was contemptible and refused to touch it, even the previous Democrat DA. That is until:

[T]his Biden official went to Bragg’s office and got the first indictment ever against a former president and now we have this Nathan Wade, Willis’s alleged boyfriend who had these meetings with the White House including a meeting with the White House Counsel before the indictment of President Trump.

Davis believes:

“There is clear obvious coordination between the Biden White House and these…three different prosecutors on these four different indictments against President Trump. I would say to the Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan it’s time to have hearings immediately.”




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  1. Anyone with a brain leaves out all DC Democraps well any Democrap for that matter knows the White House and those directing Pedo Joe are over their heads deep in every MALICIOUS PROSECUTION of President Trump. They were COOKED UP for two reasons one keep President Ftrump from running again or to busy with the FAKE charges to run and to take the heat off Pedo Joe and Hunter for selling Pedo Joe’s access to the highest bidders. Willis in Georgia is trying President Trump for the very thing she and Abrams both have been doing since Abrams lost her first run to be Governor of Georgia. Then there is theFACTS about the 2020 Election that DC Democraps deny despite all the Evidence proving that they did CHEAT Pedo Joe in Office. First is all those Democraps going to Prison for Election FRAUD and just last week Krmp the Governor of Georgia reported that in one county in Georgia there were 11,700 plus votes that were ILLEGALLY CAST AND COUNTED. That is more than what Pedo Joe supposedly won the State by. Other swing States are reporting the same kind of Numbers when it comes to ILLEGALLY COUNTED votes.

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